You’ll get no (para)sympathy from me….


Chatting with someone recently and they talked about their introduction to CrossFit being some pretty severe programming - high volume, very heavy, high reps etc.    Also the concept of rest was fairly foreign.

You know how much we encourage the opposite here - sensible training, good variance, mobility, sleep and nutrition.

Sleep is one of the toughest things to pin down.  Especially if you are a Dawn Demon, training in our early classes.  You need to be in bed by 9pm!!  Just not practical for many people.   And the power nap, while a great option for making up on that crucial 8th hour of missed sleep, is often not an option at all for the 9-5'er.

Ever thought about meditation?  Depending on who you talk to, every minute of mediation is worth multiple minutes of sleep.

Whatever, it's an important parasympathetic balance to our sympathetic lives.

That doesn't mean we are always feeling sorry for those poor animals that got treated real bad in that video that went viral on Facebook.....

Your sympathetic nervous system is the one responsible for increasing heart rate and blood flow, body temperature and releasing glucose from the liver in preparation for fight or flight.  Or a workout.

It fight or flight should be over in a few seconds/minutes.  That sabretooth tiger either ate you or you got up that tree.  But a stressful job also draws on that sympathetic system..........all freaking day.

We need a little parasympathetic input from time to time.  It is more active post workout (if you are cooling down properly...), when digesting food, and before sleep.    Meditation is a great way to get a little more parasympathy into our lives.

You don't need to sit in a lotus position or chant!

It's just about talking some quiet time and focusing on your breathing.  You can do it right before bed, when you get up, in the shower; heck, go sit in the toilet at work and get some private time.

Hey, there's even an app for meditation now..... I used to meditate quite regularly in my early 20s, but got out of the habit.  This Headspace app is acting as a reminder for me to get a few solid days of practice in, and create a habit again.

Give it a try.

Also, because THIS.

PR Week - Day 3


TGU - 3RM e/arm


Double unders - max reps in 3mins

- do not have to be unbroken


Clean +Jerk 1RM




Squat clean 60/40kg

Ring Dip

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