WoD For Nepal

Bit of a change to the rest of the weeks programming. We're jumping on board with some good friends of ours over in Sydney, who have mobilised an army of CrossFitters in a very short space of time, to raise some much needed funds for Nepal.

I wanted to get involved with this cause for a couple of obvious reasons (we Kiwis have the immediate connection via Sir Ed, and then so many of us have included Nepal as part of our OE), but also for a couple of other reasons....... I know a few of you were thinking about doing some crazy number of burpees for this cause, and this way you can do so but get fit instead of injured.... :)

And secondly, because as we come into the CrossFit Games season, this is also the time many athletes start putting their hands out for charity..  I've got no problem with helping out anyone in genuine need, like students and those who actually can not afford the travel and expenses to get to Regionals or Games.  And I'll gladly buy a tshirt, a raffle ticket, or entry to a competition to help them out.  But if I'm just going to give money for nothing in return, it's going to a much worthier cause.  Like WoD For Nepal.

There will be 3 different scaling options on Saturday, so anyone can do it.  It's a toughie, your legs are definitely going to feel like they are scaling the Himalayas...

But you'll make it (the 12min time cap will save you), and any donation you can manage will go a long way to helping those in far greater need than us competitive exercisers.  Thanks in advance guys!


Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch  - build to a heavy set

EM x 12

E: 10 DB Power Snatch

O: 10 Medball Situps


Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch

5 x 1 - 75-85%

EM x 12

E: 15 Wall Balls 9/6kg

O: 40 Double Unders

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