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Such an awesome time  in the gym last week!  The warmer weather and longer days has brought a few stragglers out of the woodwork and Girl Friday, starring Grace/Isabel was just one epic class after another.  Everyone moved so well, and put in so much effort, it was truly awesome to watch.

ox_milchampsCongrats to Aaron Oxenham (formerly CFNZ, now at RCF09) and Adam Brakey for their efforts at the  Military Champs on the weekend.  Ox narrowly missed out on the win, taking second place by a single point, and Adam did awesome in a tough field with 9th place.  Well done guys!

Shout out to Kim Gear (honourary CFNZ'er) and to our buddy Andy Rodgers (The Rx Clinic and CrossFit SoLat) for their 3rd placings at the CrossFit Taurus Pound 4 Pound competition, also Kevin Manual (Team IA) for his win (still the fittest male athlete in the country)

Great to have some Niners over at CFNZ for our awesome Mobility class, sorting out the overhead position, and then a Rowing Skills Workshop, dialling in the erg setup, damper and drag settings, rowing mechanics, pacing and start strategies.


Sani Sanileva (CFNZ) and Joelene Neville are competing in a Powerlifting event at CrossFit East Auckland on Saturday.  I know they'd love to see you there to support.  Ladies lift from 10am, and guys from 2pm.

Spring Challengers - we have our Mini-Highland Games team challenge at CFNZ on Sunday 11am.

And Mount Teams - we also have a get together, practice and strategy and logistics discussion, Sunday 10am at CFNZ .

And priority this week is PR Week!

Testing will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with make ups, or advances and bonus work to be done on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/Sunday.

Get in early folks, get warm and well prepared and get your head in the game, I expect some epic PR’s on the board this week!

Snatch 1 RM, (Power Snatch 1RM, Hang Power Snatch 3RM)C+J 1RM (Power Clean 1RM, Hang Power Clean 3RM)

Pistol progressions

Optional Finisher
2km row at 80%, focusing on technique, prep for Friday.

Catch up on Monday’s tests, or, do Wednesdays in advance.TGU - 1RM

Knee Tuck - Lsit- Lever progressions.

Back Squat - RM testing
Check Fitness Levels and help

Benchmark Metcon

Complete the testing from Tuesday, or Monday.
If BOTH complete, then,Deadlift
1 or 5RMFight Gone Bad-ish
1. Wallball 9/6kg (10/9')
2. KB Swing 32/24kg
3. Box Jump 60/50cm
4. Pushpress 40/25kg
5. Row (cals)
6. Rest
1 minute at each station
3 rounds for total reps
Catch up on earlier in the week, or ;Push/Pull gymnastics
- pushup to HSPU
- pullup to muscle upRun/Row testing.

If finished early, re-attempt a skill from earlier in the week and try to improve

Push/Pull gymnastic progressions
- pushup to HSPU
- pullup to muscle upRun/Row testing.If finished early, re-attempt a skill from earlier in the week, or another benchmark metcon.

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