What do handstands have to do with fitness?


I was asked this question the other day.

When first exposed to the CrossFit methodology, the handstand hold can seem a little out of place, if you were only expecting heavy lifting and furious paced circuits.

But CrossFit is by definition comprised of 3 equal parts - 1. Weightlifting, 2. Monostructural (single cyclic) conditioning movements, and 3. Gymnastics.

Gymnastics basically includes any movement that uses your own body for resistance, and the handstand is a classic.

“As the squat is to weightlifting, the handstand has been the foundational block in the development of gymnastics and going forward should be seen as a staple in the CrossFit community” – Dusty Hyland (DogTown CrossFit and CF Gymnastics Head Coach)

Many people still don’t see the benefits the handstand has, and just want to get to the 'good stuff''…..but the balance, mobility, relative strength, core control, body awareness, confidence and isometric strength development derived from the simple handstand are second to none.  That goes for ALL gymnastics movements actually.

Body awareness and confidence are actually my favourite byproducts of the handstand - when I see mother of two Lisa Perry balancing upside down for over 6mins, Pete Chong doing a handstand in the rings, and too many members of the gym to count, walking on their hands with ease, I have to remind myself of how unusual this is in the real world.  You people are doing stuff considered impossible by most.  But then, most people consider hiring a coach, eating well and training hard fairly impossible too......so I guess you are not most people..... :)

Don't forget our HS Walking Challenge!  Check the whiteboard for details, have a crack and add your score.

And enjoy todays benchmark workout, Diane.  Scale the HSPU sensibly.  Talk to the coach about what will be suitable for you.




Deadlifts 100/70kg


Scale as needed.

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