Weightlifting methods


In every aspect of life we see competition -  When I was doing my masters thesis, there was our lab and the others that believed lactate was good and had all the research to back it up, and then numerous other labs who said that lactate was bad, also with plenty of legit looking research to back up their claims.

We also have Holdens vs Ford, Iphone vs Galaxy, Nike vs Adidas vs Reebok......  is one better than the other, or are they just different?

In Olympic weightlifting, there are different camps on lifting technique.

You'll hear of the catapult method vs triple extension method.

And those who are in one camp, think that those who are in the other camp, are wrong...

Triple extenders think that the catapulters whack the bar with their hips to generate more power, catapulters think that triple extenders encourage pushing with the toes to finish the second pull, stomp the feet hard, vs not so hard, and so on and so on.....

But just like Holdens and Fords (this might get me in trouble now.....), they're all the same thing really.....

There are far more similarities between Holdens and Fords, than there are differences.


The things that all lifting methods promote are:

- keeping the bar close to the body.

- hook grip!

- standing all the way up, before getting under the bar as fast as you bloody well can.

The cues your coaches use, or the ones you read about or hear other coaches use, may be different, but are usually intended to accomplish the same thing.

“Hips to the bar!”

You may hear that one from time to time.  We might also say, "close!" and "squeeze!".  Both can achieve the same goal of minimising space between you and the barbell.

As a student of weightlifting, don't make the mistake of choosing a camp (although it's a universal truth that Holdens ARE better, and lactate IS good for us), instead try to learn from all the camps, and don't get hung up on what may seem like an irreconcilable difference, in the end they are all trying to get the bar over your head.



Front Squat 3 x 5, building


12 Slamballs

12 Wallballs

AMRAP in 7mins



Front Squat 3 x 5, all heavy


7 minute ascending ladder of:

Front Squats 60/40kg

Toes to Bar

3-6-9……. etc

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