Wednesday 29 January


Kelly and Nikki with some synchronised swings....

My good friend, and owner of Zealous CrossFit, Yushu looks like the strong silent type, but he's a bit of a wordsmith.  I wanted to share his recent blog post with you, it resonated with me somewhat, as I have worked with clients in the past who maybe had been 'fed' a little too much....

I'm quite old school.  Farm raised, boot to the backside if I misbehaved etc.  Then into martial arts where the same thing happened, and the first job was with a livestock firm, where my role was firmly established as 'the boy', with all the lowly tasks that came with it.

But it sure made me learn that things don't get handed to you, and for those who have that luxury, they often miss out on some valuable learning that comes along with it...

Let's hear from Yushu....

"A few years back while I was living in Newcastle, on a sunny Saturday morning we encountered a curious kitten wandering at the front of our house, there was no owner in sight. . 
After playing with kitten for an hour or so, the question I was dreading came up, can we keep it? I thought about it for a few minutes and said that we could since it seemed to be lost and had no owner. There were however a few conditions to keeping the cat, it had to sleep outside, find its own food and fend for itself.“What?!” she said “that’s cruel and unreasonable, its only a kitten and it gets cold at night.”

Now before you judge me by looking through “your own perfect eyes” let me explain my reasoning that comes from a few observations that I have seen in my life. Every time I had visited the zoo, I noticed some of the animals were frustrated and lazy. They couldn’t roam free and use their natural instincts to survive instead they were trapped in a cage and fed at certain times of the day. Yes, they were safe and didn’t have to worry about food or anything, but this crippled them in a way, that they weren’t able to use their natural instincts to survive."

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Back Squat

3 x 3


5 Front Squat  60/40kg

10 Box Jump 60/50cm

AMRAP in 4mins

Rest 4 minutes, and then . . .

15 Deadlifts 60/40kg

50 Double-Unders

AMRAP in 4mins


Back Squat

5 x 5


10 Sandbag Power clean

10 Sandbag Lunge

AMRAP in 4mins

Rest 4mins

200m row

200 single skips

200m run

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