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This AINT Yoga for CrossFit......

This AINT Yoga for CrossFit......

Crossfit and Yoga

CrossFitters often ask why yoga is now increasingly encouraged at their box or by their fellow CrossFitters. They feel the extent of their flexibility work should be a few key stretches pre and post WOD. Yoga may not sound like your thing but there's lots of good reasons why it’s a great pair up with CrossFit.

1) Yoga improves your mobility and flexibility

Yoga will complement your CrossFit workouts and help you to a lift or movement with greater ease and mobility. Yoga usually doesn’t have the same high-intensity element of CrossFit, but it does condition our bodies in different ways. Today at the box you may be working on the snatch. Tomorrow in yoga, you’ve got a shoulder pose using the side plank for stability followed by some postures to improve flexibility. These will allow you to properly perform the snatch without injury and improve your flexibility in that region to really get that movement down to perfection.
Most of the classical poses in yoga support the concepts encouraged at CrossFit such as maintaining a braced, neutral spinal position, and always working the core.

3) Yoga teaches you to breathe efficiently

CrossFit is primarily about moving fast with intensity, but in order to achieve this you must know how to rest efficiently! Yoga teaches effective, deep breathing techniques while at rest or in movement.

4) Yoga improves balance

Balance is one of the Ten General Physical Skills highlighted in Greg Glassman’s definition of CrossFit.
Balancing poses in yoga improves core strength, coordination and dexterity. Almost as importantly, it teaches the "balance" between rest and work.

5) Yoga improves awareness

In CrossFit workouts, we pay close attention to our form, but because of the quickness motions and pace of the workout, we often tune out of how our body feels during the movement. In Yoga it's all about being aware of you body, its movements and and how it feels as it moves. For example, if you feel a little niggle in your shoulder during a push press you might shake it off, in yoga you get a chance to focus on the same movement, done more slowly and with awareness. You may notice exactly when your shoulder tweaks, which will allow you to adjust so that you could perform the movement efficiently next time. As you become more aware of your body, it will be easier to find ways to help your body function better.

6) Yoga allows your body and mind time out.

CrossFit is loud, aggressive, and competitive; Yoga is quiet, peaceful, and reflective. Relaxation is important to be able to process the information you receive mentally and physically during your workouts and throughout your day. Being able to relax deeply helps you come back with more power, focus, and efficiency.




A1. Pushpress

3 x 5, all heavy

Alternate with,

A2. Deadhang Pullups

3 x max reps


E. 6 S2OH + 6 Rev. Lunges 60/40kg

O. 3 Muscle ups + 3 DB Snatch e/arm 25/15kg

12mins, scale reps up or down to suit .



A1. Pushpress

5 x 5, building (aim for more than last week)

A2. Heavy DB Rows

3 x 16 (8 each side)


7 Slamball Clean to slamball

100m sled drag

5 rounds, rest as needed

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