Wax on, wax off..


Today we have a guest post from coaching intern, Nick Jones.  A man after my own heart, any lesson that can be related back to action movies is a good one....

Patience.  Or, wax on, wax off......

The 1984 movie The Karate Kid (yep, I’m born in 1980 and this definitely remains one of my all-time favorite movies …) features a great example of how patience, perseverance and delayed gratification are foundational character traits that underpin the achievement of a goal or mastery of a particular skill.

Yesterday, at the end of one of our coach development sessions, Daz showed the coaches and interns the well-known clip from the movie where the protagonist, Daniel, wants to learn martial arts so he can protect himself from the cool kids at school who bully him. Daniel is exasperated with his perceived lack of progress.

practiceHe wants to learn everything yesterday so he can be awesome now. Daniel understandably thinks that he’s wasting his time with Mr Miyagi’s training methods.

But his teacher, the wise Mr. Miyagi, puts off training Daniel at the pace and level that Daniel seems to think is best for him. The famous “wax on, wax off” scenes show Daniel growing increasingly frustrated by the delays, while he is forced to instead perform seemingly menial and irrelevant tasks. But it all serves a purpose, as Daniel learns discipline, respect for his craft, training technique and drills that serve him well when those skills are put to the test - Daniel famously ends up nailing a mean crane kick to win the karate tournament (and get the girl).

I’m pretty sure all of us can relate to Daniel on this one. I know that I can. A lack of perceived progress in a particular skill, strength piece, mobility, a project at work / home, can be frustrating. Surely there has got to be a better or easier way?

However, I can relate to the pay-offs that Mr Miyagi asks of Daniel in his training. It’s also funny how I feel I can apply those lessons to other things outside of the gym that are important in my life. How about you?

Exercising patience, actually listening to our coaches (not just hearing what we want to hear), respecting the education process, are all virtues that can be engaged in to improve our experience in the gym.  Like so many of the things we do and learn during our workouts, these same virtues tend to come in handy outside of the gym as well.

Wise man, that Mr Miyagi …


Front Squat
Build to a heavy set of 5, more weight than 2 weeks ago.
Alternate with;
Single Arm DB Row20 DB Snatch
20 Situps
20 Walking Lunges
20 Seesaw Press
AMRAP in 10mins
Hang Power Clean + Power Clean
Build to a heavy set
Alternate with;
Strict Pullups
Sets of 5-76 DB Hang Squat Cleans
100m Sandbag Run
AMRAP in 7mins
5 x 5, all heavy
Alternate with;
S/L romanian Dead
5 x 8 e/legKB SDHP
Box Step Ups
1 min at each station x 3 rounds
100m Sled Drag
400m Run
30 Russian Swing
500m Row
10 Manmakers
100 Single Skips
AMRAP in 40mins
Back Squat
5 x 8, building, add more weight than last week5 Pull Ups or 10 Heavy Slamballs
10 Push Ups
20 Squats
AMRAP 7mins


Front Squat
3 x 5, all heavy
Alternate with;
Muscle ups20 KB Snatch 24/16kg
20 Rack Lunges
20 Pullups
20 Slamballs 15/12kg
AMRAP in 10mins
5 x 1 @ 80-90%
Alternate with;
Strict Ring Dips
5 x Max - 36 Squat Cleans 60/40kg
20 Double Unders
5 rounds
3 x 5, all heavy
Alternate with;
S/L Rom Deads
3 x 8-10DB Snatch 25/15kg
1min at each station x 3 rounds
800m Run
10 KB Thrusters
500m Row
10 Strict TTB
50 Double unders
200m Farmers Walk
30 Russian Swings
AMRAP in 40mins
Back Squat
5 x 3, all heavy
Alternate with;
Legless Rope Climbs10 CTB Pull Ups
15 Push Ups
30 Squats
AMRAP 7mins

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