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Coach Development Program

According to US News & World Report, one of the top trends in the fitness industry for 2014 is educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals.  Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics project that personal training jobs are expected to grow by 24% between 2010 and 2020.

That kind of growth has resulted in a lot of people joining our industry, either fresh from school, or even via a complete change of career, looking to get in on the ground floor.

These kind of reports also predict big growth for niche-oriented sectors like CrossFit (500 to 9000 affiliates in the last 6 years!!), yoga, and other group fitness classes every year, and it seems like it is still building momentum. Still, growth has its pros and its cons. Any time there’s rapid growth, you can be sure opportunists will be there to try and figure out how to make a quick dollar.  At last years NZ Fitness Expo, I was approached on two separate occasions by people in high positions in the NZ Fitness Industry, who wanted to 'help' us poor CrossFit owners, as it was 'obvious that what we did was dangerous, ill informed and poorly educated.....'  Needless to say, their help was politely declined.

Then we see articles like the recent one in Stuff, where CrossFit is blamed for DEATHS, and the entire operation criticised and libelled from an incredibly uninformed standpoint (it just so happened to be one of the same people who approached me at the Fitness Expo.......hmmmm).  Massive thanks to my homie Fritha at CrossFit 2600 for making the first complaint, which the editors arrogantly thumbed their nose at, luckily CrossFit HQ  followed up with the big guns, resulting in an apology and article rewrite.   If it was the United States where this happened, Stuff, and/or Fitness NZ would have been sued.

For those thinking about affiliating, THAT is why.  HQ have your back.

Yes, there isn't currently a difficult and lengthy process to become a certified CrossFit coach, but it's the same in the entire fitness industry, so for them to have a problem with that is hypocritical.  To their credit, the fitness industry in general (as well as CrossFit, particularly CrossFit actually), strongly encourage ongoing education for fitness professionals.   And it is a big goal of mine to contribute to that.

At RCF09 our coaches are our greatest asset. We don't throw just anyone into this. Yes, there are some people doing that at other CrossFit gyms, and one or two may even succeed with this approach. Truth is we've all got to start somewhere (Our parent gym, CFNZ was the first affiliate in NZ, we didn't even have our L1 certification then, and we only had one visit to another CF gym to go on, so we were winging it somewhat.  BUT, we already had a combined 11 years of tertiary learning and industry experience before we opened, so we did have SOME idea.....).

Our next Coach Development Program intake starts this Thursday April 10th 7pm. Phase 1 is just 4 weeks in length, and is FREE to anyone interested.   We're going to be sharing our philosophy on training, and service to others.  There will be a book to read, and a report to write.  We'll discuss things like retention and adherence, the art of customer surprise and delight, virtuosity, and where WE think our industry is going.  You'll be expected to be an active participant.  This will help us identify who we'd like to see moving forward, and give you a better idea of whether you want to.

The next phase is longer, and for that you must be a member of RCF09/CFNZ. The next phase is longer again. Anyone who is not a qualified and experienced CrossFit coach already, can expect to spend up to a year interning, learning and assisting in classes before we entrust you with our members.

I'm obviously biased, but I think it might be worth it for a couple of you..... :)


Catch up on Monday, or, get Wednesday testing done in advance.

TGU - RM testing.

L-sit  => Levers

Back Squat - RM testing

Metcon - choose a relevant benchmark.

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