Tuesday 25 February

So we now have 24 people signed up for the Open.  Very cool!  Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you throwing down over the next 5 Saturdays.

Now, that is more than enough athletes for us to handle, BUT, I happen to know that some of you are planning your winter holiday already, and that it includes taking in the sights of an international fitness competition.......  So you may be interested to know that if our affiliate gets to 50 people signed up, we'll be gifted 2 Gold Passes to The Reebok CrossFit Games!!  Want a chance to get your hands on them?  Then, help nudge a few more people into the arena..... :)

Ten Reasons from Coach Kate Why You SHOULDN'T Sign Up For The 2014 Open!

1. If you don't want to workout.
You should probably start with working out what you came to CFNZ to do!

2. If you don't want to workout hard.
Intensity is relative, so EVERYONE will be hurting, EVERYONE will be out of breath, EVERYONE is going to be working hard.

3. If you don't want to be yelled at while you workout.
Yelled at with words of encouragement, and potentially the odd expletive.

4. If you cannot give up 5 Saturday mornings.
Saturday mornings are gone. Gone to the next level. Hanging out with everyone, talking strategy, handing out high fives and grabbing a feed after is part of the package.

5. If you want to focus on work or people that don't do CrossFit.
The ability to focus on anything else is gone. Games.crossfit.com will be open on your smartphone, iPad, and laptop for 5 weeks. You will initiate a lot of conversations with; "what do you think the WOD will be", and it will have the potential to last hours.

6. If you like to cherry pick.
Whatever Dave Castro tells you to do, you do. So does everyone else!

7. If you like to stay inside your comfort zone.
It will bring new meaning to the term "nervous pee".

8. If you are not a team player.
Highly unlikely given your membership here.  But you HAVE to participate. Wolf pack rules......

9. If you are a sore loser.
Chances are, you aren't Rich Froning. But, if you really understand the game, it's possible you'll get more out of this than the guy who wins.

10. If you don't want to experience something awesome.
You don't understand the word accomplishment until you've made it through 5 weeks of the open. Ask anyone who's done it.


2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk

Work up to a challenging set in 15mins


10 Power Clean 60/40kg

10 TTB

AMRAP in 5mins

5mins rest

10 Burpee

10 Wallball 9/6kg

AMRAP in 5mins


Hang Power clean + Power Clean + Pushpress

In partners;

Alternating 50m sled drags

AMRAP in 5mins

Rest 5mins

Alternating 100m run + 5 burpees

AMRAP in 5mins

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