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A couple of years ago, I read an article called The Velocity Diet.  The aim was basically to live on protein shakes for a month, and lose a ton of body fat, essentially an all or nothing commitment, which had appeal for certain people....

I'd also read articles on obesity, in which patients scheduled for gastric bypasses, had to crash diet to lose enough weight to ensure they didn't die on the operating table.  They were fed on a disgusting concoction of milk powder, vegetable oil and sugar known as Ensure, funnily enough.

Most recently, there was THIS GUY, who reckons he has engineered a perfect food that people could live on forever..... saving money, time, and maybe even curing world hunger.......  I don't know about that, it would be a pretty miserable existence drinking gruel for your entire life, but I guess it's better than starving...

All these examples have made me wonder if there wasn't a better and healthier way, and so, inspired by all the Spring Challengers amazing efforts, I thought I would do some investigating.

I have spent the last 3 weeks eating mostly Clean Lean Protein powder, coconut cream, coconut oil, olive oil, almond butter and Good Green Stuff.

It wasn't quite as strict as I was planning.  The first week I went a full 7 days, before having a proper meal.  Week 2, I had about 3 solid meals, and Week 3 about 6 meals.  But progress has still been positive, and I've learned some interesting things.

I gained lots of extra time - no shopping, no cooking, no eating even, meant more productivity!

I saved money.  Especially when I was getting all my meals from Feed Me,  not quite as much for regular shopping and cooking, but if time is money, then I'm still on top.

Energy levels?  Same, maybe better.  Only tested really long workouts a couple of times, but made sure to schedule a proper meal afterwards.  Strength was down in beginning, but bounced back. It has always varied so cant blame the diet.

Hunger - up and down.  Most days good, but occasionally hunger pangs.  A couple of solid meals unfortunately turned into one long feeding period.

Change in body comp - down about 3kg and 3% body fat. Interestingly this was in the first 10days, so it may bounce back just as fast once I resume normal eating patterns.  Over Xmas I'll be slowly working back into normal patterns, the shakes will actually be a welcome respite from the odd heavy family Xmas meal!!

Now remember, this was purely for interest and research's sake.  Don't be thinking that this is necessarily the way to go, if you have kilos to lose.  Please talk to me, and we can work a new years strategy out together.

Look out Xmas dinner!!

WORKOUT - 12 Days of CrossFit

1 Hundred Metre Run

2 Muscle Ups

(lots of scaling options)

3 Power Snatches 60/40kg

4 Thrusters 60/40kg

5 C2B (scale to chin over or DB Rows)

6 HR Pushups

7 Toes to Bar (scale to MB Situps)

8 KB Swings 32/24kg

9 Slamballs 9/6kg

10 HSPU (scale to DB Pushpress)

11 Power Clean 60/40kg

12 Two for one Wallballs 9/6kg (scale to regular wallballs)

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