Tuesday 22 April


One of the most interesting criticisms levelled at CrossFit, is that "no one actually trains like CrossFit.com says anymore."

This is in reference to people like Rich Froning and other top athletes regularly working out multiple times per day, vs a typical day of programming from the HQ website, that may only have one exercise, such as Overhead Squats 3-3-3-3-3, or Run 5km, for example, to complete on a given day.

Along the same lines is another similar criticism, "most CrossFitters don't do CrossFit anymore, they do other stuff as well."  Similar to the first example, it refers to everything from high volume weightlifting programs, to aerobic base work, to detailed periodisation of the training year.  The supposed random nature of CrossFit apparently doesn't include this sort of stuff.

The whole reason I got into CrossFit in the first place was it's brilliant simplicity.

They didn't feel the need to make the basic complicated, to mess around with rep tempo, and rest periods, and exercise order, among many other things.

But assuming that this means they don't care about the details, is where the average fitness coach (especially the ones trying to earn a name for themselves, or worse, their special training system.....) gets it wrong.

The big mistake is trying to define CrossFit from the outside with no experience of it.  "Dotcom" is not CrossFit, it is just one example of a programming cycle.  It is aimed to encompass as much variability as possible, to be highly functional (drawn from gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural activities), and to be intense enough to challenge the fittest athletes.

It assumes a training cycle of 3 on, 1 off, which is a common recommendation for those pursuing fitness with any dedication.  But of course there lots of people who don't have time in their lives for that.  We program multiple aspects of fitness into a training session to allow them to make decent progress on a less frequent training cycle.

But even Coach Glassman said, "There is plenty of time within an hour session to warm up, practice a basic movement or skill or pursue a new PR or max lift, discuss and critique the athletes’ efforts, and then pound out a tight little couplet or triplet utilizing these skills or just play..." No mention in that quote, of only doing one thing and one thing only in a day.   He didn't even say you absolutely COULDN'T train twice per day.  But for some reason, as soon as you do, or if you spend 3months on a strength bias, it's not CrossFit anymore..... :)

Ultimately, CrossFit is not a style of training, it's a philosophy that unifies a lot of different training theories, under the umbrella of good coaching and a supportive community.

Essentially none of it is CrossFit and all of it is CrossFit...... how's that for leaving it vague...? :)



Back Squat 3 x 8
3 Rounds of:
In 1min complete 15 Wallballs
In 1min complete 15 Burpees
In 1min complete 30 Lateral Jumps


Back Squat
4 x 8
3 Rounds of:
In 1min complete 10 DB Hang Squat Cleans 20/12.5kg
In 1min complete 15 Burpees
In 1min complete 30 Double Unders

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