Tuesday 20 May

Handstand pushups
Ok please don't get me wrong ladies. But there is a most common issue that I have encountered over my years of coaching. Women are more fearless in getting to the handstand but often  lack the  strength to hold on to the position. On the other hand, men tend to lack the confidence getting upside down, but remain strong once they up there.

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a gymnastic workshop conducted by three of the top gymnastic coaches in Australia. We spent some quality time on Handstands and handstand push-ups and the issues we see, common faults and lack of strength etc.

Here are a few tips that I picked up that can be useful tools for you guys to implement during the skill sessions that we regularly do at the box.

1. Fix the position
Starting from your hands placed outside  the shoulders , fingers slightly turned out and maintaining a tight hollow position with ribs tucked in, butt squeezed and feet together.
Imagine your in a mini triangle. Your head is the top point of the triangle and your hands form the base of the triangle. Use your finger tips to get a good grip on the ground and keep your palms glued to the ground like a magnet.

Basic fundamentals - Get better with your hollow body and arch body position. Hollow rocks , supermans etc

2. Build shoulder strength
Make sure you maintain solid form when you press and relate that to your handstand push-ups. Hand stand holds, negatives and wall walks will help you build that base.

Basic fundamentals - work on quality and form

3. Scale accordingly.
This is important. Even if you scale make sure you hit that full range of motion (FROM) so head to a mat or plates is not an option. Talk to your coach and pick the most suitable option during the WOD.

4. Learn to kip
Think of a push press upside down. You use your legs to initiate the hip drive to generate power. This needs to be learnt under proper guidance so use your free time to find a coach to learn or use your focus sessions for this.

5. Regularly practice for quality

Coach Nira,


Ring Pushup/Pushup

3 x 10-12

Single Arm DB Row

3 x 10-12


10 DB Snatch

6 Burpee Lateral Jumps

AMRAP in 5mins



400m Farmers Walk


Ring Pushups

3 x 10-12

Single Arm DB Row

3 x 10-12


7 Push Presses 60/40kg

7 Chest to Bar

AMRAP in 5mins


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