Tuesday 11 March


The humble box jump, or not so humble when you think about the science and benefits of this gem of an exercise!

The box jump is a form of a plyometric exercise, also known as "jump training" or "plyos". These simply put are movements that cause your muscles to generate maximum force as quickly as possible. The goal is to increase both speed and power, and focuses on moving from an extension of the muscles of the quads, hamstrings and glutes and then contracts them in an "explosive" upward momentum.
This trains these muscle fibres to then develop improving explosive strength.

Some tips for mastering that jump form;

  • Lengthen the muscles by going down into a low squat at the start of the cycle. You'll explode upwards faster.  You may have heard the term "stretch reflex" before, well that's what is happening here.  A quick stretch of the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes, result in a more powerful contraction.
  • Land softly, absorbing the shock with a slight bend in your knees as your feet hit the platform, but then straighten your body to a completely erect position. Remember to throw your hips back slightly when you land; this allows you to use the larger muscles, the hammies and glutes take the majority of the landing force, rather than the calves and quads.   If you choose to step down, ensure that you alternate legs as you go.
  • Don't forget your hands - when coming down off the box drive your elbows back and bring your hands in level with your hips, then swing the arms when going back up.
  • Avoid looking down to ensure that your head and neck stay in a neutral position.
  • For more advanced athletes, use the elastic energy created by the force generated between your foot and the ground upon landing,  to 'bounce' off the ground, as opposed to landing, stopping and having to accelerate and build that momentum all over again.

- Coach Nira



Power Cleans

3 x 3 TnGo

2 x 10 TnGo


6 Deadlift 140/90kg

10 Slamballs 9/6kg

15 Wallballs 9/6kg

AMRAP in 8mins



Hang Power Cleans

5 x 3


5 KB Hang Squat Clean to Thruster e/arm

10 Situps

15 Russian Swing

AMRAP in 8mins

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