Train with focus and aggression

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Back when CFNZ was a bootcamp, we had a slogan - no mirrors, no machines, no meatheads.  

Now that we're a dedicated brick and mortar facility, we only have mirrors in the bathrooms, and our only machines are the ergs and airbikes.

But what about the meatheads?

I have certainly seen a ridiculous amount of weight lifted this week, lots of bars slammed, and lots of shouting, grunting and heavy breathing.

Does that make us meatheads?  Because that type of behaviour in a typical gym is usually part and parcel of being one.

Not so much here.  Our definition of meathead is not someone who lifts heavy weight while making noise.  It's more the preening 'look at me' peacocking and disrespect for others sharing the training space.

So now that we've settled that, let's talk about all this lifting of big weights.

If you want to do it successfully, you need focus.

Looking around, talking or even laughing during a set, or reacting when a camera is aimed in your direction shows a lack of focus!!

But I don't want to be the pot calling you kettles black, I'm terrible for chatting right up to the point that I've walked the bar out from the rack.  Not a good set up for a maximal effort lift!

Something else I've also discovered about myself this week, when having to squeeze some sort of workout in to just 15mins both Monday and Wednesday; I perform heaps better with the clock running!  Moving faster helps me find focus, and it builds better agression during the lifts.  PR's both days, breaking year long plateaus, suggest I might be on to something.

Seriously though, this stuff is important.  Safety is of utmost concern, well ahead of your performance, but both of them are maximised when you are thinking seriously about the task at hand.  So next time it's your set, conjure up your inner meathead.  No not the peacock version, the one with all that focus and aggression.  Enjoy your PR's....


Push/Pull gymnastics

- pushup to HSPU progressions

- pullup to muscle up progressions

Run/Row testing., or  choose a benchmark metcon.



15 DB Power Cleans (20/12.5kg)

30 Double unders

AMRAP 7mins

Rest 7mins

7 Russian Swings 32/24kg

7 Burpees

7 Goblet Squat

AMRAP 7mins

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