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This week we've talked about how to really get the most out of your hour with us, and also about how you can still get an effective workout done even if you don't have an hour to spare.

But what about those of you who have the time to spend 90-120mins hanging out with us?  We LOVE that CrossFit NZ is your third place, so we have plenty of suggestions for add-ons to your regular class.

First of all, there is the PRE-Warmup of course.  Make sure that is the first thing you get done when you walk in the door.  (And a little side note for those of you who ONLY have an hour to spare - stop gas bagging and get it done ASAP!!  Remember that it exists so that we can coach you more and watch you warm up less).

Next, you should target a particular movement pattern that you struggle with either due to mobility or stability issues - overhead squats, Sots/overhead press, single leg squats, pushups/ring dips.  No need to crank them, just a few light sets for quality.  You could add in a specific mobility drill here to complement it.

Now if you still have time up your sleeve and the WOD doesn't include Olympic lifting, grab a broomstick, training bar, or empty barbell and drill some tech - snatch/clean from waist, floating pulls, muscle snatch/clean, snatch lands/drops/balances etc.  Too many of us miss out on this - good old fashioned barbell skill work with light weight.

STILL waiting for class to start?  You keener!  Ok, how about a few sets for quality of those niggly movements like wallballs, box jumps, double unders, TTB, and KB Swings?  Perhaps alternate minutes with the erg or airbike to keep warm and safely train a little more volume tolerance.  You could also throw this in as a finisher.

After class, see the above niggly movements, or grab a sled/sandbag/plate/deadball/pair of bells and go for a walk.  This really should be a time to cooldown and take it easier however, so please keep that in mind.  If you are itching for another metcon, you either didn't go hard enough in class, or, you may have missed the point of the session (as we often program in recovery or skill based metcons, which aint designed to wreck you).  However, if you only train 2-3 times a week, and you strike a recovery/skill workout, by all means hit the airbike for some Tabatas afterwards if have energy to burn! :)

Before you head home, get upstairs and jump on a foam roller, LAX ball or just plain stretch!  So easy to tell yourself you'll do it at home, but you know you wont...... so grab a buddy to compare post workout notes with and get it done.




5 x 5


1min Russian Swings

1 min rest

1min Burpees

1 min rest

3 rounds




Work up to a heavy 5rep set


In 1minute;

5 Deads @ 80-90% of 5RM

AMRAP burpees

Rest 1min

5 rounds


3 x 50m rack walks

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