The weekend we had, and the week we’re gonna have…

gqAn epic start to The Open on Saturday.  PR's were rolling thick and fast.  Huge efforts on the first ever Open event to include a 1RM lift.  You were all very composed, and gave it your all.

If you have not yet completed the workouts, you can get it done anytime on Monday, or on Tuesday before 1030am.  But it's your responsibility to find a judge.

15.2 will be announced on Friday at 2pm, so feel free to come in on Friday night and practice anything you need, and pump the coaches for information/strategy.

On Saturday we'll be hitting 15.2 and it should be another morning of epic proportions!



5 x 5, building


10 DB Snatch

100m Run

5 rounds



5-3-1, all sets heavy


10 Deadlift 100/70kg

10 Lateral Bar Burpee

5 rounds


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