The next big thing…..


First it was a sub 3min Fran...

Then it was knowing how to butterfly pullup....

Next was snatching 100kg...

Free standing handstand pushups are pretty in right now....

And so are Nano PR's....

What are those you ask?

It's an amazing lift that is normally done with the aid of Oly shoes......however, you bust it out wearing your trusty sneaks, like it's no big deal.....

Kara Webb recently won the Overhead Squat 1RM at the CrossFit Games with 110kg, in a pair of Nanos.  Rich Froning, 4 time male winner of the Games is renowned for not bothering with Olympic lifting shoes.  Jeez, he didn't even bother with a snatch grip on the OHS in the final workout, but that's another story.....

Point is, there is a time and place for Oly shoes, and belts, and wrist wraps and gloves, and even chalk...... (gasp! sacrilege I know..... :)

When is that time and place?   Well it will depend who you talk to, but there's no hard line rules.

When you SHOULDN'T wear Olys.

Back squats, Deadlifts, Box Jumps, Rope Climbs,

When you MIGHT wear Olys.

In competition to achieve a more efficient position - front squats, wall balls, pistols, and of course Oly lifts.  Some people find their Olys grip the rope better on climbs too.

When you SHOULD wear Olys.

Oly lifting.....duh.  This is what they are designed for.  And if you want to get good at them, a pair of Oly shoes will help.. Plus they feel pretty bad arse.

BUT, don't forget, SHOULD doesn't mean you HAVE to.  If you have issues with squat depth, ankle mobility or torso position, Oly shoes will help a lot.  But take that as a sign to WORK on those things, not to use the shoes to forever avoid them.

Friday 1 August




5 x 3, building



Scaling options

- decrease thruster weight

- 15-12-9 or 12-9-6 or 9-6-3 Pullups

- Sub pullups with Russian Swings 21-15-9



Work up to a heavy triple




Thrusters 42.5/30kg


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