The most important part of the workout…

It depends somewhat....
 But most people mistakenly think the metcon.  So much so that it's often referred to as the WOD, when the WOD is really the entire class including drills, skills, strength, metcon and cooldown.
If you're running late, and you have to jump into class, what are you tempted to skip? The drills, the pre warmup, strength?
If you need to leave early do you miss the mobility and accessory work? Do you flag the strength and skip ahead to the metcon?
As we move into winter that pre-warmup is going to be more important than ever.  You're never going to get burpee punishment from us for rolling in late, but don't punish yourself by trying to jump straight into the skill session!  Go get on an airbike, take a deep breath and let go of all that choked motorway commuter stress and get your mind right. Run through a mobility flow and use the Crossover Symmetry system, THEN come and join the class.
And this is important to remember, if you want to do the skills that you've just missed, instead of the strength piece that has just started, talk to the coach and get amongst!
What about those chasing strength?  Do you find that even when you turn up on time, you can't get the body ticking over enough to really get enough decent sets in?  You don't HAVE to do the metcon you about just keep on squatting or deadlifting till the end of class?
We might run a group class, but there are a ton of subtle ways to individualise it to suit your goals. You don't always have to do all of it, and you don't always have to rush.
Remember, Friday is Girl Friday, and we're hitting up 'Helen'.

3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Clean

+ 1 Front Squat,  build to a heavy set

15 Russian Swings

10 Rack Lunges

10 Slamballs

20 Lateral Parallette Jumps

Rest 1min

5 Rounds

Score total time


Power Clean

5 x 1.1.1 @ 75-85%

5 Power Cleans 80/55kg

10 Pistols

15 Pushups

30 Double unders

Rest 1min

5 Rounds

Score total time

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