The more you move, the better….


Rob manhandling the DB's.....

Here are some tips for you from Coach Nira about getting that pesky mobility work done.....

This post was inspired by a bit of a self-experiment, and although there’ll be individual variations, in general this should be good for most of you out there that feel stiff after training, but feel you don't have the time to work on mobility and recovery.

I must admit I myself feel too lazy at at times after a session to stretch or get a roller to smash out those tight areas.  The key is to set a time to get it done, and just treat it like an appointment, or an essential daily thing, like brushing your teeth.

So how about adding some regular movements twice a day daily, not much more than about 5 minutes of your time?

As soon as you jump out of (or crawl out!) of bed, while you're sipping your favorite coffee or listening to Six 60.....

Spend 5 minutes moving around. Do some;

- Perfect stretches

- Shin box progressions

- Thoracic bridge ups / Dive bombers / upwards downward dog

Wait a minute! We already know these movements.

Daz programs them into the classes week in & week out.  So how about taking them home and adding them into your daily routine 5 minutes before breakfast and 5 minutes before bed.  Before bed is a great time to get out the foam roller.  Because how do you feel after you've worked the foam roller around your body?  Tired!  Exactly, so use it to your advantage.

Here’s how I went in the last 8 weeks:

- Twice a day

- 5-8 mins of movement in the morning

- Crossover Symmetry 3 min a day

- 5 mins of movement before bed


Usually after two days of good solid training I need a rest day to loosen up and allow my muscles to recover. Since trying this in the last 8 weeks though I find that my body isnt so tight or stiff after training.

Before: Every morning my hamstrings and my lower back in particular were problem areas. Usually would need about 15 minutes just to warm up well before a training session.

Now: Feel supple in the morning and throughout the day, only requiring about 5 mins of a  warm-up before training..


Move peeps move!



Strict Pullup
5 x 5, all heavy

Single Arm DB Press
5 x 3-5 reps e/side

30-20-10 Russian Swings
500/400m Row after each round



5 x 1
Single Arm DB Press
5 x 3-5 reps e/side

KB Swing 24/16kg
Box Jump 60/50cm

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