The 3 step rule…

rowWayne Bennett is a former professional rugby league player, and now coach of the Brisbane Broncos, formerly coaching State of Origins sides and Australia themselves.

He had a saying that has become quite famous.

“Don’t stop three steps short!”

When his players were doing interval runs in training, some of them stopped running just short of the finish line, something Bennett took issue with.

“It’s a state of mind,” he said.

“Stopping three steps short won’t make any difference fitness-wise, but three steps make all the difference to the psyche. Deep down you know you've taken a shortcut."

“The kind of people who stop three steps short, I wouldn’t call them losers, but they’re never winners either. They always fall short."

Walking those last few steps through the roller door at the end of a run, putting the barbell down with 5 seconds to go on the clock, letting the erg coast to the end instead of rowing it all the way through the required distance.  All examples of stopping three steps short.....

As Coach Bennett says, it wont really make a difference to your fitness, but you'll know you stopped short.   Whereas if you always push to the end, never stop until you hear the buzzer, you'll know that too.......and you'll be stronger for it.

For those of you doing The Open this year, it's incredibly common to have a degree of regret afterwards, for reps not completed, for rest taken that wasn't needed, for not pushing as hard as was thought possible.

Think about those three steps,  always take them, and be proud of your effort, knowing that you couldn't have done any better.


Front Rack Split Squat sets of 6 e/leg
sPullups sets of 8-10 (scale to ring rows)
Sled drag sets of 50m

1. 10-20 DB Snatch
2. 10-15 Weighted Situps
3. 10-15 Pushups

Alternating minutes

3 rounds


Back Squat 3 x 3

1. 7-15 HSPU
2. 7-15 TTB
3. 7-15 Burpees
Alternating minutes

3 rounds

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