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It’s almost Spring Challenge time…


Some gravity assisted fun in One Tree Hill at last years challenge....

Spring Challenge starts in just over two weeks!

Some FAQ's to help before we release sign up details next week.  If you have any others, please post to comments or add to Facebook when this post shows up there tonight.  Your input can still shape the finer details of this challenge!

Q. I wasn't a member of the gym last year, what is this Spring Challenge everyone is talking about?!

A. It's the biggest date on our calendar!  The SC is 8 weeks of dialing in our nutrition better than ever, training harder than ever before, and participating in some fun challenges and adventures with other members. You'll be put into teams to ensure you are kept accountable.  In the past, teams have made sweet team shirts, organised food sharing, healthy dinners at each others houses and/or cafes, got together for extra workouts/mobility/yoga etc, established new friendships and strengthened existing ones.

There will also be extra programming options to help everyone better meet their goals - whether fat loss, muscle gain or gearing up for The Open next year.

Q. So this is just a team thing?  I only care about me! ..... I mean, I'm just really motivated to get my s*#@ squared away this spring.

A. Don't worry it's both!  You're in it for your own reasons to start with - losing bodyfat, getting healthier, gaining muscle, bumping your performance up a notch, learning more about nutrition etc. and there will be individual tasks set for you to complete.  But there will also be team challenges along the way (in fact, this year will have more team emphasis than ever before), and it's great to know that other people will have your back.  Accountability and support goes a long way!

Q. I'm not a member, but this challenge sure has me thinking seriously about it.  Can I join the gym and jump straight into the challenge?

A. Maybe.

We aren't very fond of tyre kickers.  This community is tight!  We all understand that true health and fitness is a long journey and are all very supportive of each others journey.  This 8 weeks is just a rev up on what's already going on, it's not a quick fix, and as such, you can't join just for the challenge and then disappear to try something else.  We require a minimum commitment of 3 months.  If you're keen, get in touch to book a free trial and make sure it's something you can hold yourself to, we have week night and Sat morning options.


There will be things that will test you physically, and mentally, along with teamwork and communication.

Q. I'm not in Auckland but I know, or I've seen pictures of, the awesome fitness dudes and dudettes from this gym and what they can do, and I want a piece of it!  Can I get involved online?

A. Yup, we are already reserving places from our online readers.  You get nutrition and exercise resources to use at home or your local gym,  access to our coaches via email, and you'll have your own support community with an online private FB group.

Q. Right, back to us members. Should I start recruiting teammates?!

A. Nope, we'll organise the teams.  For the first time, teams will be based on attendance time, to encourage even better interaction outside of class with you all being on similar schedules.  Once we've seen the initial sign up numbers, we may have to bump a few people to their secondary class time slot to even things up.

Q. The team challenge sounds great, but I really could use some extra help to take my nutrition and training to the next level.

A. Absolutely!  For those of you who would like extra accountability, and/or need a lot of help getting their nutrition optimised, we will be taking on a small group for specialised nutrition consulting, with more regular meetings, weekly learning assignments, sustainable habit development and focused email support.

Q. I'm going to be away for x number of days, can I still do the challenge or will I be letting my team down?

A. You're not alone, there's always something that will get in the way of you attending a workout, or a team challenge but that doesn't disqualify you from overall participation. So don't feel like you can't enter.  Sure if you're away for an entire month, it might be a different story, but make sure you talk to me about it first, and we'll see what we can work out.


You never know what we'll think up for you next......

Q. Start and finish dates?

A. We'll be doing baseline fitness testing Saturday October 4th.  Retesting will be Saturday November 29th.    There will be a Nutrition Basics Seminar on Sunday Oct 5th for the newbies, and if this aint your first Rodeo, we're also holding an Advanced Nutrition Workshop on the evening of Friday 3rd.  Non-members may attend these for $25.  More details to follow.

Sunday Nov 30th will be a BBQ pre- Xmas lunch to celebrate both the end of the challenge and a pretty darn amazing 2014.

Q. Are there sweet prizes?

A.  You betcha.  We've got swag from all our usual business partners, and as we have done over the last couple years, the biggest prize will be drawn from all of those who participate in 100% of the challenge.  Eight weeks of effort does not guarantee a six pack, the aim of these challenges are to set you up for momentum beyond that 8 weeks.  We'll be sure to recognise the people who make a major physical change with some goodies, but props will go to everyone who puts in the effort.



Front Squat

4 x 6


200m run

10 DB Hang Squat Clean

E 3M x 5



OH Squat

Max reps with BW (1.25 x BW if over 15)

Max reps with .75 x BW (BW)


350m Row

15 Burpees

E 3M x 5