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Greatness, not born, grown…


kids_agilityI wanted to share something with you guys this week, in regards to a book I read.

In fact I heard about it through one of the posts that Coach Ben Bergeron put out a while ago, which lead me to read this book.

It's called the "Talent Code" and was a very interesting read. It's about how to unlock the 'secret' of talent.  Below are some of those ways and how they can be applied to your CrossFit practice and community.

1. You work on your skills for an hour or more every day. - skills, not training!  This means practicing the movements, under low fatigue, and pursuing mastery.

I know we all have busy lives. Adapt this simple technique into your day - pick a movement, for example a HS walk. Tell your self "ok this week I'm going to practice my HS walk".  Better yet, tell someone else, so you are accountable.

Then throughout the day, every time you get out of your desk or take a break just have an attempt or two, that's enough.

Without much extra effort, you will have practiced the movement multiple times a day!

2. Focus on the process and long-term outcomes. Do you freak out over bad days? We all do! Its important to recognize that the outcome of the training is the important thing not the time on the clock or missed PR's.

This is a missing piece team, we expect big things but have no idea how much work we need to put in to achieve something big.

Take it a training session at a time, scale accordingly, your coaches will always let you how to tackle things and get the best benefit out of your WOD. Every day is not a PR day, listen to your body and execute the perfect form and full ROM.

3. You have strong relationships with mentors/coaches, use them as models and for guidance.

We as coach's want to make you better athletes every day. Once a week Daz catches up with us and we discuss ways to provide an excellent service to our members and how we are able to give them the best value from their time at the box.

That's why we have our split programming, focus sessions, private coaching, and different specialty classes such as Strength, Capacity , yoga etc..

Ask us questions all the time, don't have any doubts before you get into the WOD. Ask about the weight, exercise scaling selection, how you should approach the WOD etc.

4. Be constantly aware of how much you do not know, and the gap between your present abilities and your long term goals. You never stop learning!

' be humble' and learn through progressions.

5. Identify the skills you want to build.

Goal setting is key - there's a massive  whiteboard at the gym with your name on it-

If it's empty please fill it, we all need to know your goals, so we can encourage you to achieve that.

6. Think about improving your skills all the time and do so with a positive mindset. Dont stress, worry or over-thinking your training, but confidently and positively.

Be happy with your daily efforts! We all have good days and bad days but whatever the outcome walk out with pride and your head held high.

Positive, positive, positive.....

7. Approach your daily training with enthusiasm. - training at this level is hard work. really hard work. if you don't LOVE it - you won't last.

No need for me to go on about this. You guys make it to the gym at 5:40am in the morning and are there past 8pm because you love it!

8. You balance repetition/volume with innovation/improvement. - you need to get in the volume, but not at the expense of moving better. Efficiency and better movement is as important as strength and a bigger engine. Think 'technique before weight', get full range of movement, with every repetition do your best to move better.

9. Get comfortable going outside of your comfort zone. Coming in last, failing reps, trying new things, listening to advice, pain, soreness, battery acid in your lungs, chase these things.

Challenge and push yourself to new heights.

10. You are constantly learning in every aspect of your life.  Nutrition, training, relationships, finance, professional, etc...

This is what we are about at CFNZ & 09, your home...

- Coach Nira



Dead 3 x 5, building


Run 400m




Push up


Run 400m



Dead 3 x 3, all heavy


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

Body Weight Deadlift


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