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Wednesday 11 September


Some gravity assisted fun in One Tree Hill at last years challenge....

Spring Challenge starts in two weeks!

Some FAQ's before we release sign up details next week.  If you have any others, please post to comments or add to Facebook when this post shows up there tonight.  Your input can still shape the finer details of this challenge!

Q. I wasn't a member last year, what is this Spring Challenge everyone is talking about?!

A. It's one of the biggest dates on our calendar!  The SC is 8 weeks of dialing in our nutrition better than ever, training harder than ever before, and participating in some fun challenges and adventures with other members. You'll be put into teams to ensure you are kept accountable.  In the past teams have made sweet team shirts, organised food sharing, healthy dinners at each others houses and/or restaurants, got together for extra workouts/mobility/yoga etc, established new friendships and strengthened existing ones.

Q. Will this be an individual or team thing?

A. Both!  You're in it for your own reasons to start with - losing bodyfat, gaining muscle, learning more about nutrition etc.  But there will also be team challenges along the way, and it's great to know that other people will have your back.  Accountability and support goes a long way!


There will be things that will test you physically, and mentally, along with teamwork and communication.

Q. Should I start recruiting team members now then?!

A. Nope, we'll organise the teams.  Part of this is about getting to know new people!  Sure it is easier if you just recruited all the people from your 5pm class, but we want to help the wider community interact, and this challenge is one of the best times to do it.

Q. Teams are great but is there any chance of some extra help to take my nutrition and training to the next level?

A. Absolutely!  For those of you who REALLY want to go deep into the rabbit hole, Clare Tyler will be taking on a small group for specialised attention, for those who want to make nutrition and leaning up a priority; while Craig Leonard will be taking people with the main focus of gaining muscle and getting stronger, through a pre-summer Strength Camp.

Q. I'm going to be away for x number of days, can I still do the challenge or will I be letting my team down?

A. You're not alone, there's always something that will get in the way of you attending a workout, or a team challenge but that doesn't disqualify you from overall participation. So don't feel like you can't enter.  Sure if you're away for an entire month, it might be a different story, but make sure you talk to me about it first, and we'll what we can work out.


You never know what we'll think up for you next......

Q. Start and finish dates?

A. We'll be doing baseline testing the entire week of Sept 23 to ensure everyone has time to get in.  Retesting will be the week of Nov 18, on the same weekday as baseline, so that everyone competes for the exact same number of days.

Sunday Nov 24 will be a BBQ pre- Xmas lunch to celebrate both the end of the challenge and a pretty darn amazing 2013.


Single Arm DB Bench

4 x 8

KB Snatch

4 x 3


400m run

10 Hang Power Clean 70/45kg

Rest 2min

3 rounds


200m Sled Drag

Just once, but with a challenging load.


Single Arm DB Bench

4 x 8

DB Snatch

4 x 5


200m run

6 DB Renegade Rows (1 pushup, 2 rows)

12 Walking Lunges (no weight)

16 Russian Swings

AMRAP in 15min

Tuesday 3 September

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Reebok CrossFit 09 is hosting a Level One Trainer Course this weekend.  Welcome to all out of town visitors. Click HERE for a map of local cafes.  We recommend Crate, Trinity of Silver, and for the closest option, Kings Plant Barn right in front of us.  Head to Kingsland for lunch, or St Lukes Mall…
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