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CrossFit is great business for physios…..

That is one of the most common things I hear from physiotherapists about CrossFit.  But on the other hand, the biggest complaint I hear from CrossFitters about physios is that they don’t understand CrossFit.  

CrossFit has grown from just 500 affiliates world wide when I opened CFNZ in 2008, to over 10, 000.  And we have about 115 in NZ alone.  Along the way it has become a catchphrase, a brandname, a highly recognisable term for functional fitness training.

This recognition has worked against it amongst some healthcare professionals who don't have a strong understanding of human movement.  Their clients are coming to them saying they were injured doing CrossFit and the new term sets off a lightbulb. Injuries happen, no matter what type of exercise you're doing.   And we can talk about the much higher injury rates of rugby and running all day..

But now many people, instead of saying I got my niggly shoulder at 'the gym' are saying CrossFit.  The prevalence of injury in the general population is no different.  Well actually, there are some figures that suggest it has risen, but it's in line with an overall increase in the numbers of people doing functional exercise - including bootcamps, and other group exercise programs.

There's always something you can do!!

There's always something you can do!!

It's a well proven fact that the cells of our muscles, bones and tendons respond to load.  Mechanical load is what is needed to stimulate synthesis of new tissue.   And mechanical load comes from movement.

So when I hear about people being told to do NOTHING to treat an injury, my blood boils.

The key is getting you back to good movement, not resting.    Load does not mean heavy weights, it's as much load as is required to achieve positive change.  If that is just walking and some light rehab movements, then so be it.  But you have to do something, your body needs it to heal correctly.

Luckily, just like the world of fitness is changing for the better via CrossFit, so is the world of physical therapy.  It now includes analysing movement and predicting injury risk, determining areas of potential injury, addressing strength imbalances, and improving posture, increasing performance, optimising movement and ultimately, health.

But also, just like in the fitness world, there are many of the old guard not prepared to listen, learn, research, and change.

If you do need some help rehabbing an injury, find someone who is prepared to help you get back to active movement, and work with your coaches to make sure of optimal progress, not someone used to treating inactive, unhealthy people who don't want to be helped.   CrossFit is good for some physios, true, but it's the ones who are interested in working in partnership with us; with YOU to make sure you can live your life to the fullest.

We recommend:

The Corrective Clinic

Vital Health Chiropractic

Still Point Osteo

Muscle Therapy

09 Physiotheraphy




3 x 5, all heavy

Pullup negatives

3 x 5


10 Push Press

10 DB Rows

10 Hang Power Cleans

5 rounds




3 x 3, all heavy

Strict Muscle Ups

3 x 1-3 reps


15 Push Press 45/30kg

10 Deadhang Pullups

5 Burpee Box Jumps 75/60cm

3 rounds

Spring Challenge starts tomorrow…..

.....but you COULD just start today.....why wait??   Ooops I just ate that chocolate biscuit, I may as well eat the whole packet..... I missed two workouts this week, it's obviously not going my way, so I may as well just flag the rest of the week..... From Monday.....New Years Day.....the day after my birthday/graduation/work…
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The metcon is not the WOD

The metcon is not the WOD. The Workout of the Day is the entire training session, start to finish. It's easy to think the metcon is the main piece.  It's the most intense, gets your heart rate through the roof, challenges your lungs ability to deliver oxygen, and leaves you spent. Most of us aren't…
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Member profile – Simone Johnson

Simone has been on the New Zealand CrossFit scene almost from the beginning.  A recent move has her kicking around 09 a bit, versus her original home at CFNZ, so we thought we'd let you learn a little more about her. How did you first discover CrossFit? It would have been 2009 when I found…
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Just walk to the end of the street…..

[caption id="attachment_4276" align="alignnone" width="576"] A row of good looking L-sits....great to see...[/caption] How did your 3mins of bridges go today? I'm not as bendy as Krista yet, but I did get my arms fully extended, and a couple of 30sec holds. Ring Supports were awesome, L-sits still woeful, although they are the 3rd exercise in…
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Paleo for pennies….

[caption id="attachment_4135" align="alignnone" width="576"] How did you all go last night with the Press 1RM testing?![/caption] Yesterday we talked about the rise of Pseudo Paleo, and how all the sugars from non sugar cane sources can fool people into thinking that their treats are one step removed from broccoli..... The other thing about Paleo treats…
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Get a grip….

On deadlift days, or high rep workouts with barbells, DB's or KB's, perhaps with pullups or toes to bar; do you ever find that your grip is the limiting factor? The number one piece of advice we give to improve your grip, is often the same advice we give to improve ANY limitation in CrossFit…
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Friday 30 May

May Challengers, you did it! 30 days of 100% real food. 30 days of squat mobility. 30 days of good sleep. And 30 days of daily activity. Ok, I'm sure you missed a day here and there, but even 90% adherence will have brought massive changes in how you feel, how you view food, exercise,…
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[caption id="attachment_3829" align="alignnone" width="640"] Phil![/caption] We've talked before about the basics of the intensity, volume, and density in our workouts — and how they relate to making progress in your training. Too often you can get caught up with only looking at how much weight is being lifted. And on that same continuum, only being…
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Member Profile – Troy Kennedy

Krista caught up with Troy Kennedy recently to see what makes hime tick...  read on!! How long have you been a member at Reebok CrossFit 09?  I joined RCF09 in November 2013. That felt like the day the world began! How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time? Was there a…
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