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Monday 31 March

This is how good it feels to finish 14.5!

This is how good it feels to finish 14.5!

Still gathering my thoughts from the awesomeness that was The Open this year.   I will write more on it this week.

Every year, it seems to get tougher, and I have a moment where I wonder if it's too much for the average CrossFitter.

And every year I am proven wrong, as we see PR after PR, people rising to new heights of performance, the support you show for each other is amazing.  It was fun to put a little team spin on it out at CFNZ this year, we'll have a crew big enough to do the same thing at RCF09 next year, and I already have some more ideas to make it more fun and involved.

Well done to everyone who had a go, no matter how it went.

It's looking uncertain about sending a team to Regionals.  We're going to have to wait and see once the points are tallied and individual places accepted.  But it's not for lack of them training their butts off.  I'm looking forward to getting back to some good solid off season training with them.  If anyone is keen to join and help us build for next year, drop me an email.  Non- members, I have 2 remote coaching spots left on my schedule.




Power Snatch

5 x 1.1.1


For max reps:

1 minute Box Jumps 60/50cm

Rest 60sec

2 mins C2B Pullups

Rest 60 seconds

3 Minutes of KB Swings 24/16kg



Hang Power Snatch

5 x 3


10 DB Snatch

10 Situps

10 Walking Lunges

AMRAP in 8mins