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Wednesday 2 April

This is how Oliver tackles the obstacles, full noise!

Tough Mudder is coming up at the end of the month!  We have almost 20 people entered, and another 10 from RCF09 as well, it's going to be a heck of a test, but a lot of fun.

They say knowledge is power, and so is preparation, so on Sunday we had the benefit of practicing our wall climbs, traverses, crawling and jumping with Mike of Unzooyou.

And today we have an insiders perspective of the event itself, via an interview with multi Tough Mudder veteran, Oliver Tavita.   Coach Krista caught up with Oliver last week.

I have been told this will not be your first tough mudder!

This will be my 4th Tough Mudder run.

Where have your other races been held and what got you into them in the first place?

A friend came across a Tough Mudder Link and Joking challenged me to run it. That year I enlisted a few close friends, my wife book our team in and the rest is history!

Our first Tough Mudder was in Sydney in 2012 21k with 22 Obstacles.

2nd Tough Mudder we had 2 teams of 9 in last year’s Brisbane Tough Mudder.  Due to our teams being booked on 2 separate days a team of 4 Men including myself were forced to Run both Saturday and Sunday…….. Sunday was tough Hahahaha J


How long should be expecting this race to take? 

If you’re moving as a one unit average 3 ½ hrs.

And the biggest question on every CrossFitters lips.. Is there really THAT much running involved?

Loads of running, normally with loads of mud. Combine the two, there’s your resistance work cut out for you.

This Auckland Tough Mudder overview is: 20km 18 Obstacles, Swamp, farmland and hills.

A lot of people underestimate the running, we had a team tha just arrived back from Melbourne tough mudder, who wished they had ran more in their preparation.

Is it one big course or do we do laps?

It’s one big course, if you’ve ever ran the Tough guy girl Challenge in Rotorua? It doesn’t come close. That would be a warm up to this event.

What types of clothing and shoes would be ideal?

Skins under CF shorts. Depending on the weather I recommend Skins under a Tee shirt to stay you warm.

A few people have questioned wearing gloves?

This is personal preference, I use fitted full length mountain bike gloves which are awesome. A few of our team mates don’t.

Is there changing rooms and showers for when we are done :)

No changing rooms. Normally ONE big outdoor communal shower, with a hose and shower head attached to each.

In regards to race nutrition and hydration support, are you able to carry anything on you or do they have stations around the course?

Bananas and water stations available every 4km normally. Depending on sponsors they sometimes have (energy) glucose shots

 Rowena was describing the TEAM aspect is huge, you can't make it through this thing on your own, are you able to discuss your thoughts on this? Is it really impossible to finish on your own.

Hahaha It’s not impossible, CFitters can do anything! There was an obstacle in Sydney called the Mud Mile, Literally a mile of Chest deep mud! After 16k’s of running and loads of mud crossings, river crossing, you’ll need HELP.

Berlin walls are 3m high team obstacle, normally 3 in a row. Everest is a team obstacle etc

I believe CrossFit couldn't be better training for a race like this however is there anything you would recommend us do in these last few weeks coming up to the race?

I’ve found some extra endurance training and hill runs to be awesome on your off days.

Do you have any more essential tips for all of us novices?

You guys will be AWESOME. Tip, the track is always better on the Sunday! After 10,000+ participants running through it the day before, the waters deeper, the muds thicker and the tracks worn in.

Nothing prepares you for the Artic enema -38 degrees of ice, electric eel IS 10,000volts of rotating surges…. Go fast, it does hurt. Be excited! Train Hard to run Easy!

Thank you so much Oliver!



Weighted C2B Pullup

Work up to a 1RM


20 OH Lunges 20/10kg

15 Pullups


Rest 2mins

3 rounds



Deadhang Pullups

5 x 2-3 (band assist)


20 Zercher Lunge 20/20kg

15 Lateral Jumps

10 G2OH

5 Burpee

Rest 2mins

3 rounds

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Wednesday 9

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Wednesday 24

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