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Rolling over in bed yesterday morning, checked the time on my phone, then of course, was unable to resist checking Facebook........ but the service was very patchy. We then discovered that due to the local substation fire, we had no lights, no coffee machine, no dishwasher for last nights dirty dishes, no stove or microwave to make breakfast, and no stores open nearby to supply us!!

Incredible how much we rely on electricity. But also incredible how simple life gets when we don't have it.  Our morning switched rapidly from the original plan of working on our computers, to a walk with the dog on the beach, breakfast was simply put on hold for a few hours until we could find some and when I realised that I also couldn't get my car out of the automatic garage (and before you think I'm a dumbass, NO there is no internal door or secret lever to open this particular door.....;), my transport option became the trusty old bicycle.

Levels of the stress hormone cortisol are at their highest in the morning, which is quite normal, we need it to get ourselves going, but if we add to it by checking emails, thinking about work, and moving straight from the bed to the couch or office; we're just setting ourselves up for more stress, more fatigue, more fat gain (because cortisol plays a role in this) and generally just an unhappy start to the day.  Why should Mondays be so stressful?!  I remember reading once that most heart attacks occured on a Monday (no idea if it's just an urban legend, but it sounds like it could be true right?).

So this week, here is what I want you to try and do.

1. Wake up with out an alarm.   I know, huge ask, so if it's not possible, either use an app like Sleep Cycle to wake you up at the best point of your sleep cycle, or make sure your alarm is set to some nice music with harps or running water type sounds in it.  No heart attack inducing klaxxens, horns or sirens.

2. Before you put your feet on the floor, think about all the awesome things you are going to do today, the people you are going to interact with and the rewarding training session you will be doing at the gym.

3. Go and have a big glass of water.   I always hit a shot of Good Green Stuff first thing, but there are some anecdotal thoughts on the benefits of adding a little sea salt to the water, and or a shot of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.  I sometimes make an awesome triple whammy of olive oil, lemon juice and cider vinegar with a drop of tabasco to kick off a morning if I'm not eating breakfast.  (it's the original Bulletproof Coffee)

4. Move.  If you're not a Dawn Demon, and heading off for a workout already, just do something, whether that is a walk, a few squats and pushups, or one of the fancy new mobility flows you have learned last week, you'll feel like a million bucks once the blood starts flowing and you get warm.

5. And this is the tough one for me.  DON'T check your emails or even The Book Of Faces for at least an hour.  There is nothing you need to know about at 6am that can't wait till 7am.  So do yourself a favour and keep that little screen dark for a bit longer, and go and see what Auckland's weather is serving up today.



Hang Power Snatch

- sets of 3


8 Renegade Rows

8 Single Arm OH DB Lunges

8 Box Jumps

AMRAP in 8 mins




- 5 sets of 1.1.1


3 Power Snatch 50/35kg

5 Overhead Squat

7 Pullups

9 Box Jump 60/50cm

5 rounds

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