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Rob getting it done on the short week!

Rob getting it done on the short week!

How did you all enjoy the week off training....?  (well 4 days worth..... it may have seemed like a week to some of you....)

We didn't do any heavy barbell lifting, but there was still plenty of activity.   Lots of walks on the beach, forest trails and mountains, plus a sneaky 100 burpees for time, and something nasty we cooked up with our kettlebells....

Oh yeah, and slept for 7-8 hours a night plus an hour nap every day.

Meanwhile, everytime I checked Facebook (successfulpeoplewhich was incredibly infrequent compared to the norm) I saw that someone on my feed had just completed not only a tough workout, but something even MORE intense/insane than they would normally do.

This post is neither a criticism of training through the holidays, nor an appeal to not train at all during the holidays.  It's just a reminder; that you need to take a break at some point.  (Many respected strength and conditioning texts recommend an easy week every 4-8 weeks!!)

Remember our competition to see your real life fitness in action.  It doesn't need to be anything super insane or spectacular, just a solid example of you doing something that your fitness allows you to do better.  BUT, you have to post it to the MAIN RCF09 page to be in to win.  And the hashtag  #rcf09reallifefitness

So if you took it easy this week and had fish and chips on the beach at least once, then I look forward to seeing you revved up and raring to go tomorrow.  If you took your own food to your Mums in tupperware and paid $25 every single day to train at the Worlds Gym in your hometown, then great effort!  But I hope you have an easy week scheduled in the next month or two.....because I am looking forward to a great 2015 for you!



6 Pushpress

6 Pullups

6 DB Stepups e/leg

Rest 30s between exercises

6 sets



10 Wallballs

10 Slamballs

100m Run

rest 1 min

5 rounds




5 x 5

sMuscle Up or Weighted CTB

5 x 1


10 CTB

10 STOH 60/40kg

10 TTB

40 Double unders

rest 1 min

5 rounds

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