Strategy vs Stalling…

leonStrategy vs Stalling

The CrossFit message boards will be lighting up this week with ideas and strategies on how best to maximise the Open workout scores.  Strategy is a good thing.  A game plan can help you do your very best.  Figuring out when best to rest and when best to work, and for how long is a skill to learn like any other.

However, the coaches have been around the block once or twice, we know what's up, and we can tell when you're just trying to stave off the hurt, vs genuinely aiming to maximise performance.

For example;

- Chalking up - sure, your hands might be a little sweaty, but the workout only calls for 5 pullups per round.  How about you just jump straight up there and get on with it.....

- Drinking water - All the latest research shows that water is over rated in regards to performance.  You DEFINITELY won't die of thirst during a 7min AMRAP, in fact not even during an entire class.  But when you wander off for a drink with 1min left on the've tapped out mentally.  Instead, think about how sweet that drink will taste if you push through and give it your all.

- 'Walking the dog' - This is when you go for a bit of a circular stroll instead of picking up that barbell.  Walking away from the bar wont make it lighter, so best you just get back there and pick it up.  (I'm guilty of this one, I don't know why it feels better to walk away rather than stay there!! But I'm trying to quit.....)

- Reading the whiteboard - pretending like you've forgotten what to do.  Good one!  Fooled us :)

- Asking the coach for more instructions - or pretending like you didn't hear a cue, so that you 'have to stop' and ask us to repeat it..... clever :)

- Talking to each other - well now you're just taking the mickey.....

- Taking a knee - unless you've lost a contact lens, come on, get up!!

- Lying facedown - ok you might be hurting now... :)

- Lying facedown and speaking in tongues..... yep definitely hurting, you're off the hook with this one; great effort, well done....


Hang Power Clean

Sets of 3

DB Row (no pushup)

Sets of 12

20 Rotational Slamballs

20 Wallballs

20 Russian Swings

50 Single Skips

AMRAP in 7mins



Work up to a heavy 1.1.1.

3 Power Cleans 60/40kg

10 Double Unders

6 Power Cleans

20 Double Unders

9 Power Cleans

30 Double Unders


AMRAP in 7mins

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