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Already a great sign up rate for our 2014 Spring Challenge, I'm getting excited for another awesome, fun filled lead in to summer and our Xmas party.

If you haven't put your name down yet, HERE is the place you have to go.

Still a few questions floating around out there, so here are a few more details and dates to set you straight.

Saturday October 4th, 7am till 1030am: Baseline Fitness Testing (optional photo and waist measurement).

This will be happening all morning within our normal class times.  If you're not participating, you can still turn up for the workout, same as always.  However, we will be starting the workout in waves every few minutes, so when you arrive at the gym, you will add your name to the whiteboard under which ever time slot is available, then get your photo taken, before getting warmed up, and ready to start when called.

Sunday October 5th, 3pm-5pm: Nutrition Seminar

Hosted at CFNZ, we'll be talking about the basics, what foods to avoid and why, how to put together a daily menu of deliciousness, and how to customise your nutrition to better suit your own personal goals.

Team Challenge Dates - TBA.  We're currently finalising these, in what is a very busy couple of months of competitions, seminars, staff travel and workshops etc, so please bear with us here.  They will vary from weekdays in class, to Friday nights, to Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Friday October 10th, 630pm- 8pm: Advanced Nutrition Seminar.

This is for those who've done this a few times and want to learn some new tricks - nutrient timing for optimal recovery, performance and muscle gain, carbohydrate cycling for fat loss, and intermittent fasting for health and creating a new relationship with food.  Free to members, $25 to others.

More questions.

Q. What if I can't make the date of the baseline?

A. Ummmm, you can do it on another day.  Come on, give me a tougher question.....

Q.  I know you said it doesn't matter if I can't make all the challenges, but I feel like my team members will hate me for being the weak link....

A.  You must have taken a knock to the head, and thus have amnesia regarding the amazing support, motivation, support, comraderie, support, friendliness, and support that you get from the community here.... It doesn't matter if you can't make them all, you are NOT letting your team down.  We expect you to have lives outside of this challenge,  just do your best, the same as everyone else..

Q. I know many people are doing this challenge to get leaner, but I'm really keen to make some gainz!!  Either muscle or just plain performance, I want more!

A. This challenge is first and foremost about having fun with the community.  Secondly, we want to help you have a great run at your goals this spring, no matter what they are, so yep, muscle gain, or performance are something we can help with.  There will be options on our daily posted workouts for you tweak your training to suit.

Q. I'm still not sure which coaching option to pick......

A. The Team Challenge is STILL going to have loads of nutrition resources available for you to up your game with.  There will be regular emails, videos and blog posts with educational and motivational info.  And as is the case every year, your team will turn into your greatest cheerleaders, food sharing, recipe swapping and idea spawning.

The Nutrition Coaching is for those people who find nutrition an absolute nightmare and don't know the first thing about where to start.  It's for those who have tried many times to get the results and seem to have made no progress despite their efforts.  It's for those who respond better to regular accountability, and could use some help creating some solid step by step habits to set the foundations for continued success after the challenge is over.

On that note, however, don't think the simple act of signing up and paying the cash will get the results, you are going to be working hard, and digging deep into your mental reserves.  We expect you to be there for the other members also.

The Online Coaching is for fans of this website, and/or CrossFit in general who aren't members of the gym, but would love to get on board with the challenge from afar, and improve their own nutrition leading into summer.  Friends and family of our members who aren't sure about joining that crazy CrossFit cult, this might be a good way to 'dip a toe in the water' of better health and fitness, through real food and real exercise, and a supportive online community of other participants and our expert coaches.

Q. Are you going to tell me my body fat percentage?

No.  Sure, we've done it in the past, but always begrudgingly, as percentage is a wildly inaccurate number, yet somehow it's all anyone thinks about, even with little understanding of what it means.  We've found that a photo and a waist/hip measurement is far and away the easiest method of measuring change over a short time period.

One thing we do recommend you do if you really want to take it next level, is go and get a blood test.  Triglycerides, HbA1c, creatinine, GFR, C-reactive protein, hormones, thyroid function etc.  Especially if you are new to this way of eating and exercising, it can be pretty cool to recheck this stuff after 6 months.  But getting a baseline of whats going on inside, gives us something to work with right away.



Front Squat
5x5, build

BB Complex
3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 rounds
2 rounds, add weight
1 round, add weight
Rest 3mins between weights



Front Squat
3x3, heavy


BB Complex
3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 rounds @ 50% of 3RM
2 rounds @ 60%
1 rounds @ 70%
Rest 3mins between weights

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