Should I enter The Open?


So we’ve had a few people telling us they still aren’t sure what The CrossFit Open competition is.

That’s no good!  You won't want to enter if you don’t know what you’re in for!!

Basically, CrossFit exists to make you fitter and healthier right?  Part of the way we do that, is to raise the intensity of your workouts by making them a competitive event – whether against the clock, your old score/time, or the person next to you.

It was only natural that this sort of competition would spread beyond the doors of CrossFit HQ – in 2007 a handful of CrossFitters (about 40) got together on a  farm in Northern California and had a friendly weekend competiton.  By 2012, this competition had become a test for the Worlds Fittest, sponsored by Reebok to the tune of a million bucks, and requiring two levels of prequalifiing comps – firstly The Open, then The Regionals, and finally, The CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

Obviously The Games is for the best of the best – the 50 fittest men, women and teams from around the world battle it out over 3-5 days, with everything from triathlons, to wheelbarrow pushing, to obstacle courses, to good ol weightlifting is thrown at them.

The 8 Regionals (of which our region,  Pacific, is one) decides these 50 top guns, and the way to get to The Regionals is to be one of the fittest 20-30 in your Region after the pre-qualifying Open competition.

With close to 200,000 athletes participating in the CrossFit Games Open Qualifier last year, the 2015 season looks like it will be even bigger, expanding the boundaries of our new sport far beyond what was thought possible back on that dusty farm in 2007.

What’s that?  You don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the fittest men or women in the world?  Well, 20, 000 people run the Auckland Marathon every year, and I’m sure they aren’t all planning on winning it…….

My guess is that they do it to test themselves, to meet a goal, to try something new, to make new friends, and just maybe, to see how they stack up against those friends….. sound like a bit of you?

Let’s face it, we’re all at least a tiny bit competitive……  And during The Open events, you will also get the benefit of being judged and scored just like a real competition.  I’m not going to lie, judging makes the workouts, tougher, more stressful and occasionally frustrating, but at the end of the day, you will know how you measure up against the rest of the gym, the 90 other CrossFit gyms around NZ, and the 10,000 other gyms around the world!!  And the leaderboard allows you to drill right down into the numbers– want to see who is the fittest in NZ?  The fittest in Auckland?  Want to know who got the best score out of all the 33-36 year old women in Auckland? You can!

Will the workouts be tough?
Absolutely?  Can you scale them?  Not if you want to register a score on the main leaderboard.  BUT, this year is the first time for a scaled division, and thus the first year that ANYONE can participate, no matter the movements.

HOWEVER, we will also be providing an alternate workout on Saturday, if something comes up that is just not practical (decided by you or maybe by us), we’ll suggest the alternative.  We’re not interested in making you feel bad, miss out on getting a workout, or straining a foo foo valve, in the aim of posting a top score.

The Open is the absolute best place to put your strength, skills and fitness to the test. Each and every day in your CrossFit classes you record your scores on the whiteboard and inevitably waste time at work comparing yourself to others… this is not necessarily a bad thing! Healthy competition can push us to new heights and create a fun and powerful atmosphere where PRs are more common than DNFs and your biggest competition are also your best workout buddies.

You will be able to see where you rank amongst all CrossFitters worldwide, in your region, at your gym and in your age group.

If you are a regular at the Saturday morning workouts, you are going to do the Open workouts anyways (they will be a part of our weekly programming) so why not sign up and participate in a part of CrossFit history?:)


If you are into CrossFit, one of the biggest reasons why is most likely the community. Our community here CFNZ is, in my humble opinion, pretty darn awesome.

The Open is an enormous community-builder and the last couple of seasons were proof of that. From the first day of the Open until the final day of the CrossFit Games, our community was the driving force behind every athlete. It all starts again on Feb 28th!

And here's another taste of one of the old Open Workouts for the Performance metcon...



3 Power Cleans

5-10 Pushups

5-10 Hanging Knee Raise

5 sets, building


6 DB Power Clean

12 Situps

12 Walking Lunge

200m Row

Rest 2mins

5 sets



3 Power Clean (tap n go)

+  5-12 HSPU

5 sets, building


CFG Open 11.5

5 Power cleans 65/42.5kg

10 Toes to bar

15 Wall balls 9/6kg

AMRAP in 20mins

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