Saturday 9 February


So many positive comments from our members regarding our split programming for advanced/intermediate (POWER), and intermediate/beginner (STRENGTH & CONDITIONING) athletes.  It is definitely one of the best changes we have made since the early days of following the workouts, and just scaling them straight down to suit people.  Nothing wrong with .com programming at all, but as our community has grown, we've found that more distinct scaling options have worked much better.

In the past, we have had 3 programs, first it was Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, then Wellbeing, Fitness, Performance, then Fitness, Conditioning, Performance, then it went back to just being the WoD, with S+C as the second option.  It's not that we can't make up our minds, it's just that we always wanted the name to reflect the aim of the workouts, and the goal of the people who did them.

S+C is what CrossFit ultimately is - a strength and conditioning program, and thus what we want everyone to start with, as they develop their anaerobic capacity and their technical ability with higher volume strength movements,  simple Olympic lifting drills, and basic but effective conditioning circuits.

Fundamentals is where our new members start, based on S+C, to bring them up to speed on the main movements we do in CrossFit, develop confidence with strength training exercises and build their ability to tolerate higher intensity training.

Power = Work/time, which is the ultimate expression of fitness, thus the name of our more advanced programming, which includes more technical lifts, competition based drills, and heavier, trickier metcons.

Change is something I always like to maintain.  If we changed the names back to something more goal orientated, I thought it would be a little more intuitive for our new members to call them Fitness (or perhaps Conditioning) and Performance once again.  What do you think?!  Or if you have other ideas, please share!



Build to a heavy triple in 12mins


100 Double unders

50 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

40 Wall Balls 9/6

30 DB Snatches

20 Slamballs

10m HS Walk

100 Double unders



Sets of 5


250/200m row

50 Kettlebell Swings

40 Situps

30 OH Walking Lunges

20 Slamballs

10 Renegade Rows 200m run

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