Saturday 22 February

One week till The Open kicks off!

We're up to 40 athletes signed up to go, great to see.

And we really hope to see the rest of the community hanging out on Saturday to offer them some support as they tackle each event.  It's so easy to dig deep when someone is yelling your name.

Some other good reasons.....

  1. Entering a comp seems to make you try harder with nutrition....
  2. After an Open event, life seems easy by comparison...
  3. Instead of wasting your day on Angry Birds, now you can waste it Leaderboarding instead.
  4. Cool photos of yourself in action on Facebook...
  5. The Open is PR city, you will be doing things you NEVER thought possible, and then repeating it over and over...

The events are released a day later than normal this year, which means Friday 2pm.  Not a whole lot of time to get your head around the movements and formulate a solid game plan before Saturday morning!!  Normally all the guru coaches of CrossFit put out articles and videos telling you their thoughts on how to get the best possible score, but it's likely this will be too late for us.

I've never wanted to add to the clutter, and anyway, there's only so much strategy you can do before you fry your brain, BUT, because you won't hear from Kelly Starret in time this year, we'll be offering strategy and practice sessions at both gyms - 530pm CFNZ and 630pm RCF09.  This is free of charge to ANY CrossFitters.

We'll discuss event specific warmups, nutrition, event strategy and recovery, whether you should do the event once or think about a second go.  Equipment set up, what gear to wear and what ever else you'd like to ask us, before we practice a few reps/rounds of the event to set you up for the big day.


10 DB Snatch + OH Lunge 20/15kg

100m Odd object carry (sandbag, keg, plate, stone)

5 Bar Muscle Ups (Burpee + C2B + TTB)

200m run

5 rounds


10 DB Snatch

100m Farmers Walk

10 Wall Balls

200m run

AMRAP in 20mins

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