Saturday 17 May


If watching the action at Regionals has got you all fired up to compete at a high level, then why not have a crack at the Industrial Athletic Invitational Wildcard Qualifier?!?

We're hosting it on May 31st at 12pm.  It could be your own personal Rocky story!!  Click HERE and find our gym to register under.


In partners;

10-1 Burpee Pullups or Burpee Box Jumps
P1 does 10 reps, P2 does 10 reps
P1 does 9 reps, P2 does 9 reps, etc.
10min time cap

2000m Row
P1 rows while P2 holds a handstand or 2 x KB in rack position
Switch as often as needed
10min time cap

10-1 KB Swing Ladder + OH Lunge
P1 does 10 reps + 10 OHL, P2 does 10 reps + 10 OHL
P1 does 9 reps + 9 OHL, P2 does 9 reps + 9 OHL
10min time cap

2000m Medball Run
Partners alternate 200m, P1 runs, P2 holds a plank.

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