Another awesome weekend just gone, 15.4 in the books for the Open (just one event to go...), many people getting their first handstand pushups on the day!  Great to see plenty of people who AREN'T doing the Open in to train (I'm glad no one is feeling like the Open is taking precedence), and supporting those competing.

This Saturday will be the last workout in the comp, and we were thinking about a celebratory brunch after?  I hope plenty of you can make it.  And if you are around in the afternoon, Krista, myself and some of the competition athletes will be giving it one last push at 4pm over at CFNZ.  Joelene is sitting in the 30s, on the cusp of making the Regionals for her third time, Krista has been climbing from the 70s through the 50s and maybe higher after this week, and Daz is hoping to make it into the 20's or 30s in the Masters category.  Your support is always awesome to have.

As we move closer to winter, there are a few changes on the way -  a new programming cycle to go with our Autumn Arsekicking challenge (after a fun deload week of course, which will finish off with a Girl Friday benchmark workout - which one are we due for??).

You can expect to see a few more of our own benchmark workouts (all aptly named after action heros), because it's great to have a few metcons in your diary as progress gauges, and not just rely on strength numbers.

Also, look out for two things in your inbox.  A short survey (regarding classes, new offerings, and your input on our performance!), and a pre-order for the latest RCF09 gear.


Split Squat

4 x 8 e/leg

Strict Pullups

4 x 3-5 reps


3mins Wallballs (1 point per rep)

Rest 1min

2mins slamball (2 points per rep)

Rest 1min

1 min burpees (3 points per rep)

Score is total points


Back Squat

3 x 5, all heavy

Weighted Pullups

3 x 1-2 reps


30 Double Unders

15 Pullups

10 Burpees

Rest 2mins

3 rounds

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