Remote Programming and Nutrition Challenge

For anyone who missed out on qualifying for Regionals, the official CrossFit off-season in full swing.  While we don't program our group workouts specifically around the Games, the yearly cycle still has different foci built into it at various times.
The New Year's resolution like effect post Open, has meant we've had a deluge of sign ups for remote programming (which is something I've done for out of town athletes for a while now), but I have almost reached my capacity, luckily we have a couple of other top coaches here with programming nous, and room in their schedule to help.
Some of you might find that you can optimise your training with a combination of a few days a week of class training, plus 1-2 days of custom programming, dedicated to a specific goal - fat loss, muscle gain, gymnastics, strength, Oly lifting etc.
If your specific goal is such that our classes may not be optimal for you, we can help with a combination of Open Gym access and custom programming.  And if you have friends or relatives that are jealous of your awesome progress (and amazing coaches....:) let them know that we have remote options available.  Talk to us, we can figure out something that works for you or your friends.
Just getting the word out about this - don't head into winter preparing to ruin all the hard work and training you did over summer.
Get your nutrition dialled in before it gets cold, and get the momentum to avoid giving in to 3 months on the couch in your Batman onsie with a huge bowl of (insert favourite comfort food here)......
Starts Thursday 1st May to Friday May 30th.   Entry details coming soon.  BUT, this will only be for the committed!  A 4 week challenge is intended to be super strict, to quit bad habits, experiment with removal of foods such as dairy, sugar, wheat, nightshades, and create some new positive behaviours around food.


Hopefully many of you are taking the chance for an easy 10 or even 16 days off!!  No matter what, make sure you catch up on sleep, do lots of walking, eat lots of good food, eat a LITTLE bad food, and enjoy it, guilt free!

Friday 18th - 9am only
Saturday 19th - closed
Monday 21st - 9am

Anzac Day Friday 25th - 9am only
Saturday 26th - 8am class, 9am mobility

Wednesday 16 April



Pushpress 3 x5

Pullup 3 x 1-2


7 Dumbbell Snatch Left

7 Dumbbell Snatch Right

7 DB Box Step Up and Overs

100m run

AMRAP in 12mins



Pushpress 3 x5

Pullup 3 x 1-2


10 Thrusters 40/25kg

10 Pullups

Rest 1min

5 rounds

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