RCF09 Member Spotlight – Craig Pryor


Having a chat to Craig Pryor today! His wife Tara has recently joined us also, a big welcome!

How did you first get exposed to CF09? Take us back to your first WOD…what was it and how did it feel?

Josinta had been temping at work some time ago and we recently caught up for lunch after her travels etc, and she said that I should come and throw down with her one morning, which I did and really liked the set up. Also my kids have been doing Crossfit kids with Krista since the start of the year. I can’t recall my first workout as I am old.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting Crossfit?

The main change is the ability to outlast my kids in whatever they are doing and enjoying a full life with functional movement not normally associated with my age group. Better all-round skill set at some disciplines that I used to hate. Constant improvement every day and a real, unrealised interest in weightlifting.

What are your short and long term goals for the year?

Turn up every day, don’t stop and lift as heavy as I can with good form. Long term to learn as much about human performance as I can from our world class coaches.

What is the quality you most admire in others and why?

Making the difficult look easy. The reason being that to make anything look easy requires thousands of hours of blood sweat and tears, that often go unnoticed. Unless you’re Arama.

How has Crossfit helped you?

It has given me a place to go to challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday and to explore my athletic ability to the fullest.

What do you do on a daily basis outside of the gym?

Bring up two children. Sell as many new BMW’s as possible. Sleep. In that order…

Sports that you are involved with outside of Crossfit?

I played cricket professionally in a former life and still play Last Man Stands on a Thursday night with a some old school friends and former cricketers who don’t know when to give up.

Best part of being a member at 09?

Access to world class coaching and facilities and an amazing community of people that are welcoming to all newcomers.



Front Squat
3 x 5
DB Row
3 x 8-10 e/arm
5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Pushpress
50m Sled Drag
AMRAP in 10mins



Front Squat
3 x 5
DB Row
3 x 8-10 e/arm
20 Thrusters 60/40kg
20cal Row
20 KB Swings 32/24kg
20 Cal Row
20 Burpees

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