RCF09 Member Spotlight – Amanda Walker

amanda_squatKrista caught up with Amanda just today, where she very generously took time out of her hectic final week of study to tell all her fans a little bit about herself....

How long have you been a member at Reebok CrossFit 09?
Since mid May 2014 (best birthday present ever)

What is your favourite non clean eating treat?
Without a doubt CHOCOLATE (any shape, form or flavour excluding white chocolate)

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time? Was there a pivotal event that led you to us?

I was a member at the Unitec gym when a certain shirtless member from 09 was making a lot of noise doing what I now know are clean and jerks. He ended up telling me about CrossFit also Sheri went to 09 so together they talked me into doing a trial.

amandaCan you remember your first CrossFit experience? What was it like and how did you feel? Excited? Nervous?
I don’t really remember my trial but I remember my first ‘one on one’ session with Krista I was super nervous and then I met Krista and everything was 'amazing and awesome' and I quickly relaxed. It was then my obsession of CrossFit began.......

Is there a piece of training equipment you can't live without?
I really love barbell movements so probably a barbell.

What are you doing when you aren't CrossFitting?
I am a student at AUT studying industrial design/product design (1 week to go YAY)
I love being outdoors, surfing, motorbike riding, wakeboarding in the beautiful far north, or otherwise just chilling out with friends and family.

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit?
My shoulders got even bigger.. NO, I find it helps me relax and take step back from whatever I am stressing about. It is the best stress release an hour where I can forget about everything else and just train with awesome happy people. So I think it has helped me manage stress and rationalise whatever I am doing.

Are you a barbell or kettle bell lover? Favourite movement? 

Barbell snatch not because I find it easy but that feeling when you land in the bottom of the squat and then stand up is just the best!!

What is your athletic background?
I have never done any competitive sport, just always been outdoors doing stuff from a young age; surfing running hiking etc, then I joined a gym when I moved to the city.

Is there a Reebok CrossFit 09 member who inspires you?
EVERYONE! I think everyone at some point has inspired me. The drive and determination of everyone always make me push harder, want to do better, lift heavier etc. Also all the coaches but in particular Krista your enthusiasm for EVERYTHING amazes me and I am yet to see you without a smile on your face!!  J

You are about to go an an epic overseas adventure, has your training here at 09 inspired you to explore something/some place that you may not have previously?
Well no where in particular but it has made me want to go visit CrossFit gyms all around the world and I am looking at doing my level 1 certificate in America to gain a greater knowledge of CrossFit.

Interesting fact about yourself that most people may not know?
Wow suddenly I don’t feel as interesting as I thought I was ha....
I am half American.



Hang Power snatch or Power Snatch

5 x 3 (1.1.1)


10 DB Snatches

10/8 cal Row

AMRAP in 25mins, alternating rounds with a partner

*Rest while partner works

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