dave_deadliftWe talked about recording progress in a recent post.  But what about making progress in the first place?

When it comes to people wanting immediate results, fitness is right up there.   And clever marketers have preyed on this for decades.


I'd love to be able to speak Spanish fluently overnight, but I know that's not going to happen.   I'm going to need to work at it.  And I can't just start on some advanced conversation either, it will have to be the basics.

When I took Spanish lessons a few years ago in Guatemala, I had to recite all the animals from the zoo, I actually got mad at the tutor because I was learning to say zebra in Spanish.  "There are no zebras in Central America!!  Why am I learning this?!"

But of course, the advanced stuff is built on the basics.

If I couldn't even learn simple words, how was I going to manage entire conversations?

Step by step is the only way.  Sure the full immersion was great - the tutors only spoke Spanish, the family I stayed with only spoke Spanish, and the students attempted to only speak Spanish to each other.  But it was still a slow process.

It's the same at CrossFit NZ, you've got the full immersion with all these other like minded people and coaches who speak nothing but CrossFit.  But you can't rush into heavy squats and snatches;  start with the basics, and take it one step at a time, focus on doing the simple things right first.

Add a small amount of weight to the bar, do one more rep than last time, run that 400m a little bit faster than the week before, and change just one thing with your nutrition every couple of weeks (like adding more veggies, making a decent breakfast every day, or ditching the soft drinks).

And you'll wake up one day and realise that you are fluent!!


Want to make some epic progress leading into winter?  Get set for our Autumn Arsekicking Challenge!  Effective, legit goal setting and the support to reach them.  What would YOU like to be able to do by winter?


Hang Power Snatch

Sets of 3

Heavy Slamballs

Sets of 10


200m Run

10 DB Power Clean

E3M x 4 sets


Power Snatch

5 x 1.1.1, building


400m Run

10 DB Snatch 30/20kg

50m Suitcase Walk

E4M x 3

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