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Gymnastics – why are they important and why do we incorporate them quite so much into our drills and skills? - Coach Krista

I love this topic! I started really getting into gymnastics, and incorporating them more into my own training since my knee injury last year, because I found this was the one area I could still keep going on and develop without putting any extra pressure on my injury.  This turned out to be a big eye opener on how easy it is to neglect this area in our training. If done well and practised regularly, gymnastics can really improve aspects of your other movements as well, thanks to overall improvements of strength, flexibility, balance and agility. And most importantly it’s fun! Why not practise walking on your hands if you have the chance to!?

So why should a general CrossFitter do gymnastics?

It's in the FITNESS IN 100 WORDS mantra, "master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds."
As we preach at CrossFit – its all about “core to extremity” and the greater your core strength is the greater your overall strength will be. The core strength and stability benefits achieved through gymnastics can be fundamental to everything across the board in CrossFit as it’s all about functional body weight movements.

Of course it goes without saying that gymnastics movements are intimidating – I totally get it!  Lots of movements come to my mind that I first struggled with.  But mastering these movements and their core elements can really improve your CrossFit game.

Saying that, don’t put pressure on yourself that you need to jump on that ring and bust out  a muscle up, just like everything we practise, focus on the basic progressions of moves in order to develop and master those tricky moves. This is something most of don’t actually do and often instead of spending time on basic progressions, we look for a magic fix. Its not going to happen!!

Some tips for next time -
- try perform the skills for quality instead of quantity
- and really focus on them! If you are losing interest after a few sets of ring holds, don't ask the coaches why you don't have a muscle up yet... :)
- Try out our M3 class on Thursdays!
- use skills practice as just that..  practice, its a learning curve, don't beat yourself up over success or failure, just try your best.
- ask the coach questions, find out where you can improve. Master the progression and move onto the next one.
-Finally practice, practice, practice and in no time you’ll be busting out those muscle ups and hand stand walks!


Front Squat

5 x 5


200m Run

10 DB Power Clean

200m Run

10 DB Pushjerk

AMRAP in 7mins


OH squat

5 x 5


In 7mins

800m Run

Max reps KB Swing 32/24kg

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