Practice, every day??


So many skills to learn at CrossFit!

And so many of you, are working so hard to master them.

I overheard someone yesterday, saying they were going to practice ring dips EVERY single day until they improved.

This approach, while an impressive commitment, is perhaps taking things a bit too far…..

Yes, a higher frequency of practice is the best way to improve a skill.  But too much practice, especially upper body gymnastic movements like dips, HSPU and pushups, will seize up your wrists, elbows and shoulders before you know it.

Why not balance it out with an antagonistic movement like pullups or a front lever progression?

Or maybe a midline exercise (L-sit, TTB, hollow hold), or single leg squat variation..

Alternate ring dips one day, and the other movement on the next and so on.  And it should go with out saying, but if you have just finished a workout that contains a lot of ring dips, perhaps find something else to do for homework that day???  I see this mistake made quite often for some reason.   After a workout where the movement perhaps wasn't going so well, the athlete jumps back in and does another few sets!!!   A better strategy, is take a day off, think about what you can do to improve and do some work on them later in the week, not 5mins later.

And you’re lucky now that you can see the entire week of programming, so you wont get surprised if the day after you spend 20mins working on your pistols, the workout has pistols!

So remember, you can always focus on one exercise a little more, but don’t do it at the expense of the other movements.........or yourself.


Clean Deadlift to Knee + Knee Power Clean + Front Squat
- build to a heavy set500m Row TTOptional Finisher
100m Sled Drag
10 Windmills e/side
1min Plank
2 sets
DB Bench Press
4 x 8-10reps
Single Leg Romanian
4 x 8-10reps30s Push Press
Rest 30s
30s Box Jump
Rest 30s
30s Situps
Rest 30s
4 Rounds
Back Squat
3 x 10, building20 Russian Swing
20 Wallballs
40m Bear Crawl
AMRAP in 7mins
3 x 10, building
DB Press
3 x 10, building
DB Row
3 x 10 building400m Run
15 Burpees
500m Row
AMRAP 20 minutes
6 DB Snatch
Build to a heavy set
Alternate with;
Strict Pullups
5 x 1-3 reps10 Triple Unders
15 Russian Swings
20 OH Lunges 20/10kg
AMRAP in 6mins 


Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean
Build to a heavy set
Alternate with;
Legless Rope Climbs500m Row TT
3 Pushpress + 1 Pushjerk
5 sets @ 80-85%
Alternate with;
6-10 Pistols3 sets E5M @ 80% effort
400m Run
15 Wall balls
15 Russian Swing
50 Dubs
Back Squat
5 x 6, build from 70%
Alternate sets with;
1 Bar MU + 2 CTB + 3 Pull ups + 4 TTB
- alternate order50 Box Jumps 60/50cm
40 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups (DB and plate standard)
3 x 10, building
DB Bench Press
3 x 10, buildingMcCLANE
Rope Climb
Wallballs 9/6kg
Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch
Build to a heavy set
Alternate with;
1-2 dsHSPU10 Triple Unders
15 Russian Swings
20 OH Lunges 20/10kg
AMRAP in 6mins

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