PR Week is coming…

Gerald representing 09 on the John Lennon wall in Berlin!

Gerald representing 09 on the John Lennon wall in Berlin!

We’re nearing the end of our current training cycle.

For those of you training in the FITNESS stream, the main lifts have been programmed at least 6 times – Back + Front Squat, Hang Power Clean + Snatch, Press and Pullups, as well as some Pushpress, and Deadlifts; and hopefully you've been adding a smidgen of weight every time.  This week things are starting to wind down in volume, so it's is your last chance before we back things right off next week, in preparation for a PR Week, so do a bit of homework if need be (look up your previous weights and scores), so that this training week is the best possible one for you.

PERFORMANCE, you’ve had the lifts come up at a similar frequency, but with a more varied set and rep scheme.  Not as many chances to see obvious progress, but if you’ve been keeping good track of things, and ensuring increases every time the same rep scheme comes up, you’ll be golden.

Traditionally, there are always a handful of people who get a bit antsy during deload and testing weeks.... convinced that if they back off for even one day, they are going to backslide into a morass of zero progress, fat gain, muscle loss and poor fitness..  You get how that makes absolutely no sense now that you're reading it on paper right???   If you can't risk even one easy day of training, there is something wrong with your training, or your understanding of what smart training is.

Read THIS quick and easy definition of supercompensation theory.  This is what drives our programming on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  The curve can be laid across each of those time periods.  As long as you can get that curve above baseline, you are golden, but without rest or easier days, the curve becomes a straight line, heading to the bottom right of your page, and that backsliding we were talking about.....  enjoy the easier training days when you get them!



5 x 5, building, reset


6 DB Rows

9 DB Power clean

12 Situps

AMRAP in 8mins



3 x 3, all heavy, reset each rep



Double Unders


Deadlifts 125/85kg

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