Paleo on pennies…


Last week we talked about the rise of Pseudo Paleo, and how all the sugars from non sugar cane sources can fool people into thinking that their gluten free treats are one step removed from broccoli…..

The other thing about Paleo treats is they are expensive!  So perhaps you can use the damage being to your pocket as a way to limit how many ‘Sugar free’ Brownies you eat in one sitting.

But expense is an excuse often used by people who have not yet embraced the real food lifestyle.

“No way could I afford all that Wagyu, Kobe, organic, free range, grass fed, jacket wearing,  weekly coat brushed, bed time story every night meat…….”

Sure, if you want to compare it to the diet of a uni student (88% instant noodles, 10% beer and 2% canned tuna…..) then yes it’s a pricey way to live, but as far as healthy, varied eating goes,  real food does not have to be that expensive.

Buy in bulk

We recently took delivery of a 1/4 beef animal.  Absolute bargain by 'cowpooling' with others.  Of course you need a big freezer, so this may not be the best option for you.  But keep an eye out for specials and then buy as much as you can store.  The new Countdown on Felton Matthew sometimes does rump steak for $9.99kg!  The boys at St Johns Butchers do great bones for making broth, and over at Avons in GI, they do award winning gluten and filler free sausages.

Scotch aint all that

You may have avoided fat at all costs previously, but now it’s a bonus!  You can usually get fattier cuts of meat for about half of what the prime cuts cost.

Same for chicken thighs versus breasts.  Skinless chicken breasts need to be eaten the moment they come out of the oven or they are tough as old boots.  A skin on thigh, by comparison is an explosion on your tastebuds.

Also, a diet higher in fat and lower in carbs is protein sparing – ie you don’t need to eat as much to benefit!

Buy seasonally

Do you even know when courgettes are in season?  With the ready supply of the modern food market, it’s easy to forget basic knowledge like this.  But essentially if it’s cheap, it’s in season!  See above point and buy in bulk…..  Seasonal food tends to taste better too.

This little piggy…

Get to the farmers markets on the weekend and look for some sweet deals on produce, homemade sauces, mustards, etc, maybe the odd gluten free treat.  Then you can call yourself a locavore as well as a Paleoista....


Back Squat 3x10, building

Single Leg Romanian Deads 3 x 6-8 reps e/leg


1000m Row

20 Goblet Walking Lunges

40 Russian Swings


Back Squat

3 x 10, building

Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 8-10 reps (w/ barbell)


1000m Row

20 Overhead Reverse Lunge 45/30kg

40 Russian Swings 32/24kg

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