Our most valuable resource

krista_coachNo it's not our airbikes..... Or our incredibly cheap, yet incredibly effective tyre sleds..... although they might come a close second..... :)

It's our coaching knowledge.  That is the main reason we are a bigger investment than your run of the mill commercial gym.

"knees out!!"

"elbows up!!"

Common cues you will hear during a CrossFit class, along with many much more detailed ones.  Physiological, anatomical and biomechanical info relating to body position, bracing, power output, energy systems and more.

But they should be coming from just one source. The coaches. YOUR coaches. One of the great things about CrossFit is the community, and the energy that you draw from training in a group is just awesome.  Especially during strength and oly sessions, that little team of 3-4 of you on the one barbell makes for some epic lifts and PR's. Encouraging your class mate through their lift is important, but remember not to let that encouragement and motivation morph into full blown coaching tips.

Three main reasons:

1. They might not appreciate it.  We have two goals for you at every workout - that you learn something and that you have fun.  Being told what to do by your peers generally isn't fun... many of you still find it hard to take your COACHES advice!! :)

2. Your advice might be incorrect.  Probably the most important reason. Sure you think you can see what needs fixing during someone's squat, but please let us decide that.  And you don't want to risk injuring your buddy with the wrong advice right?

3. Finally, you are paying to train here, just like everyone else.  So just relax and enjoy the process of learning and getting better, just like everyone else.  No need for you to have to coach anyone, but if you ever see something you think someone needs major help with, that you don't think anyone has picked up on, be sure to let the coach know.

And if you ARE interested in coaching, whether you are a current member of our gym or not, have a chat to me about our upcoming intern program intake.



Hang Power Clean  5 x 3

Single Arm DB Row

5 x 6 e/arm


5 Hang Power clean

4 Front Squats

3 Jerks

AMRAP in 5mins

  • scale further to DBs

Finisher 400m Farmers Walk



Clean  5 x 1.1.1


Open 11.3

Squat Clean and Jerk 75/50kg

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