No time? No worries….


Yesterday I wrote about how effective your hour of training can be if you focus.

And that training all day, was not an essential requirement to achieve a high level of fitness.

In fact, you can often get by with even less than an hour.

Many of you have spoken with me or the other coaches about workout ideas for business trips or holidays, or inquired about reputable CrossFit gyms to visit.

Keep on doing that, we have a ton of knowledge in that area, but also know that fitness probably shouldn't be your number one priority in this situation.

If it's business, you have other ducks to get in a row first.   If it's holiday, don't go wasting too much precious winter sunshine tracking down a CrossFit affiliate 2 hours from your hotel...

"But wont I lose all my sweet fitness gainz??", I hear you ask....

Trust me, YBF.

Unlike the difficulty involved in writing a short letter, writing and completing a short workout is blissfully easy.  Just pick one thing, hit it hard for 10-20mins and you're done.

Here's a few of the workouts Krista and I did in Phuket last week.  None of them took longer than 20mins including warmup.

- stationary bike Tabatas (8 x 20s hard : 10s easy)

- 50m sprint : 50m walk : 50m jog x 10

- Handstands, Hollow Holds and Arch Holds.  30s of each : 10s rest x 5

- 100m swim sprints every 4minutes x 6

- Pushups and Air Squats.  Alternating Tabata

- 200m beach sprints every 2mins x 6

Sure we missed out on a bit of heavy weightlifting, but a week off wont hurt, in fact it might be a good thing if you've been pushing hard for a few weeks/months.  It can be a great mental reset too, sending you back to the gym with renewed enthusiasm.




5 x 8, all heavy


5 DB Hang Power Clean

10 DB Pushpress

15 Situps

Rest 1min

5 rounds




5 x 5, all heavy


10 StOH 60/35kg

10 TTB

Rest 2mins

5 rounds

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