No rep or bro rep???

Range of motion is a critical part of the CrossFit training methodology, and to me, the most obvious difference between a fitness facility that is using circuits and high intensity exercise as the latest fad, vs a facility that is using them as part of a well thought out strength and conditioning, coach delivered program.  Some gym instructors will just have you move for the sake of getting sweaty, vs instructing and teaching you to do it right, always.

There are two reasons that ROM is so important.

1. More bang for your buck.  If you do a half squat, you get half the results that you would with a full squat.  That's fairly straightforward to understand right? Half the strength, half the mobility, half the capacity to do multiple reps.  Your body is designed to move a certain way, and our training should reflect that, and maximise it's ability to do that.  Greg Glassman says that 'we fail at the margins of our experience', and while he was referring more to different activities, ie, if you don't practice running long, you will suck at running long, it also applies to the movement that powers the activity itself.   If you only squat halfway down, you will only be good at squatting half way down.  You might have a 200kg half squat, yet you will still moan and groan as you try to pry yourself up out of a deep couch, or have to kneel down to change a tyre.

2. It's the right thing to do.  CrossFit community and culture is forged from good people, who work hard, and support each other.  CrossFitters want to be better than average.  And there's nothing worse than working your butt off to do the common, uncommonly well, only to glance over at someone else in class knocking out bro-reps.

Doing it right takes desire, integrity and perserverance.  Anyone who doesn't have those qualities doesn't last long here.  But it could be they're just not certain of what's required.  So help them out bro.....just not with bro reps.....

When your training partner doesn't squat to depth, do you say 'great job'?  Or do you say "bro, great effort, but no rep..."

The coach can't see every single lift, and while you shouldn't be
actually coaching anyone, you aren't doing them any favours if you
cheer them on instead of letting them know their squat was a little high.



3 x 10, building

DB Press

3 x 10, building

DB Row

3 x 10 building


400m Run

15 Burpees

500m Row

AMRAP 20 minutes



3 x 10,  building

DB Bench Press

3 x 10, building




Rope Climb


Wallballs 9/6kg

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