More than two roads to progress…


DB vs KB, heavy vs light, technical vs simple, whatever fits your needs and ability on that day.


On the whiteboard at RCF09, on any given day, you'll see two distinct programs.  Fitness, our beginner to intermediate program, contains basic strength exercises at moderate reps for optimal learning and muscle (motor unit) recruitment, as well as lots of accessory movements to complement the strength training with structural and unilateral balance, plus less technical movements for our conditioning pieces, generally with a time cap (AMRAP), in order to allow the highest relative intensity without technique, load or volume restrictions.

Performance, our more advanced programming, adds in more technical movements, full Olympic lifting movements at heavier loads, lower rep, heavier load strength movements, and more complicated conditioning circuits.

I want to remind you, that progress is not linear, thus you shouldn't expect to, for example, follow the Fitness programming for exactly 6months, and then switch straight over to the Performance workouts from there on out.

Everyone starts at a different level and everyone progresses at a different level.  And more importantly, it's not a linear progression.  Remember that, as it means that if you are normally a Fitness athlete, but you see a Performance workout that looks quite doable, DO IT!  Double check with a coach first, but then have a crack at that sucker.  However, the next day, if it's all looking a bit too heavy, high rep, long, technical or all four at once, just jump on back into the Fitness programming.  An intermediate athlete might jump back and forth between the two levels for years, so don't feel in any rush to make a permanent change.

A brand new member of the gym spends 3-6 weeks on our Fundamentals programming, which is the Fitness workouts adapted to the individual by the coach, and then finally our Competition programming layers extra skill, lifting, accessory and energy system work onto our Performance program.

And then there is the pick n mix, blended option, where you might for example do the Performance strength piece, because it had some more advanced Olympic lifting that you had progressed to, but then stuck with the Fitness conditioning, as the advanced gymnastics in the Performance were still a little out of your reach.

Monday's metcons were a great example of pick n mix between both conditioning workouts, from athletes in both camps.  Athletes of all levels selected 4 movements out of the 8 available across the two workouts to create a level of challenge that suited them perfectly.

As you progress though this journey called fitness, remember that you don't have to jump straight from sedate 30km/hr suburban streets to 160km/hr autobahns.  There are numerous roads to travel between those two points, and you can double back at any time you find yourself lost or feel like seeing the same scenery again.....  ok, wrapping it up before this analogy gets way too vague...


Hang Power Clean + Power Clean

Build to a heavy set

Alternate with;

Strict Pullups

Sets of 5-7


6 DB Hang Squat Cleans

100m Sandbag or Medball Run

AMRAP in 7mins



5 x 1 @ 80-90%

Alternate with;

Strict Ring Dips

5 x Max - 3


6 Squat Cleans 60/40kg

20 Double Unders

5 rounds

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