Monday 7 April

Josie, psyching up for a clean and jerk.

Josie, psyching up for a clean and jerk.

Hope you're all feeling rested and fresh after a deload last week, and are chomping at the bit to set some huge PR's this week!

I'm always pretty excited in the off season.  As someone who geeks out on programming, I can't wait to unleash everything I've learned from the previous year onto my little guinea pigs (that's you guys... :) and see what kind of amazing results we can achieve together.

You won't notice anything too major that is different going forward, but with the strength and Oly pieces, we will be more clearly showing you how each week progresses, in order for you to better track your results and improvements.

There will also be a more clearly defined bias/emphasis on 1-3 skills each month in order to better track your progress through the variations.

And some days you can also expect some easier workouts......

Wait... WHAT?!!?!

That's right, remember, we train fitness here; all of fitness, the whole dang lot of the fitness.... which means instead of just sexy metcon after sexy metcon, sometimes we have to slow down and practice stuff, work on mastery, mental skills, technique drills etc etc.  Expect to see further posts on this, it's something I feel pretty strongly about, in contrast to some CrossFit affiliates, I see this gym more as a place of learning and growth, rather than a place to smash yourself into a quivering, sweaty mess day after day (don't get me wrong, there is still a place for that sometimes!!)

Another big change will be the publishing of the ENTIRE week's workouts every Sunday......

I have great confidence that 99% of you won't use that info to cherry pick your week, but rather use the knowledge for good :)  working in your weakness training, specialty classes, other sports and activities, and scheduling sensible rest and recovery days around your harder sessions.  Those who are on custom programming now will also have better info as to when they can slot in class workouts as well, because we don't like to see anyone missing out on hanging with the community!

This week is PR Week, and testing will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with make ups, or advances to be done on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/Sunday.

Get in early folks, get warm and well prepared, put on your lucky underwear and get your head in the game, I expect some epic PR's this week!

PR WEEK - Day 1

A. Skipping - max reps

B. Snatch 1-5RM (hang, power or full, depending on level)

C. C+J 1-5RM  (hang, power or full, depending on level)

D. Pistol progressions

E. Optional Extra - Row 2km @ 80%

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