Monday 30 December

successfulpeopleHow did you all enjoy the week off training....?  (well 5 days worth..... it may have seemed like a week to some of you....)

I didn't do a single metcon, or heavy barbell lift.  I did however, go for lots of walks on the beach, a bike ride with my dad (on my mums bike, you know, the kind that has the girls cross bar.......not cool....), and did a ton of mobility, L-sits and corrective work for my shoulders and ankles.

Yesterday Krista and I entered a fun run/swim.

Oh yeah, and slept for 8 hours a night plus an hour nap every day.

Meanwhile, everytime I checked Facebook (which was incredibly infrequent compared to the norm) I saw that someone on my feed had just completed not only a tough workout, but something even MORE intense/insane than they would normally do.

This post is neither a criticism of training through the holidays, nor an appeal to not train at all during the holidays.  It's just a reminder; that you need to take a break at some point.  (Many respected strength and conditioning texts recommend an easy week every 4-8 weeks!!)

So if you took it easy this week and had fish and chips on the beach at least once, then I look forward to seeing you revved up and raring to go tomorrow.  If you took your own food to your Mums in tupperware and paid $25 every single day to train at the Worlds Gym in your hometown, then great effort!  But I hope you have an easy week scheduled in the next month or two.....because I am looking forward to a great 2014 for you!


Front Squat

5 x 5

Deadhang Pullups

4 x 6-8



KB Swing 24/16kg

Wallball 9/6kg



DB Split Squat

5 x 6-8 e/leg

Deadhang Pullups

4 x 6-8



Russian Swing

Goblet Squat


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